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We hope that you have been enjoying Michael Morpurgo's book 'Running Wild' as much as the Year 4 Team have. Our daily English lessons will continue to be based on this story so please try to listen to these extracts by the date shown. You might like to listen to longer sections in smaller chunks - just press pause or make a note of the time so that you can return to the recording later.

Week 9 08.03.2021

MONDAY 8th March: Chapter 10 - pages 297 to 302 Read by Mrs Reason

TUESDAY 9th March: Chapter 10 - pages 303 to 308 Read by Mrs Foster

WEDNESDAY 10th March: Chapter 10 - pages 308 to 314 Read by Miss Holdsworth

THURSDAY 11th March: Chapter 10 - pages 315 to 322 Read by Mrs Foster

Week 8 01.03.2021


MONDAY 1st March: Chapter 8 - pages 237 to 246 Read by Miss Holdsworth

TUESDAY 2nd March: Chapter 8 - pages 247 to 258 Read by Mrs Reason

WEDNESDAY 3rd March: Chapter 8 - pages 259 to 268 Read by Mrs Foster

THURSDAY 4th March: Chapter 9 - pages 271 to 283 Read by Mrs Reason

FRIDAY 5th March: Chapter 9 - Pages 283-295 Read by Mr Thompson

Week 7 23.02.2021


Please note:

Our class book is based on a fictionalised version of real events. We are aware that Will, and the animals he meets, face some challenging situations and that, as with all of Michael Morpurgo's wonderful books, this text certainly pulls on the heartstrings. 


Please note: During the audio story section on Tuesday 23rd February, one of the characters (Mister Anthony) uses a derogatory expression towards Will, using a word that we would not expect to hear the children use. This is part of the characterisation of Mister Anthony and the children should be reminded that this is how the character speaks and not language that we would use ourselves.


MONDAY 22nd February: Chapter 6 - pages 161 to 174 Read by Miss Holdsworth

TUESDAY 23rd February: Chapter 6 - pages 175 to 189 Read by Mrs Reason

WEDNESDAY 24th February: Chapter 6 -pages 189 to 207 Read by Mr Thompson

THURSDAY 25th February: Chapter 7 - pages 207 to 221 Read by Mrs Foster

FRIDAY 26th February: Chapter 7 - pages 221 to 235 Read by Miss Holdsworth

Week 6 06.02.2021

MONDAY 8th February: Chapter 3 - pages 65 to 89 Read by Mr. Thompson

TUESDAY 9th February: Chapter 4 - pages 89 to 107 Read by Miss Holdsworth

WEDNESDAY 10th February: Chapter 4 - pages 107 to 125 Read by Mrs Reason

THURSDAY 11th February: Chapter 5 - pages 125 to 143 Read by Mrs Reason

FRIDAY 12th February: Chapter 5 - pages 143 to 159 Read by Miss Holdsworth


We want you to continue to enjoy your reading.


You could try:

  • Reading to your pet
  • Shared reading with another member of your family
  • Reading a bedtime story to a younger brother or sister
  • Watching a short clip of someone reading from a book - try one of these links:
  1. Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' read by Sir Michael Palin 
  2. Roald Dahl's 'Matilda' read by Eniola Aluko
  3. Roald Dahl's 'James and the Giant Peach' read by Bella Ramsey

Further reading based videos can be found in the National Literacy Trust Virtual School Library.



For further ideas and advice on supporting your child with their reading see the 'Year 4 Reading with your child' guide below. You might also like to print off the 'Questions for Reading Bookmark' which provides ideas for questions you can ask when reading with your child.