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Science Day

Year 5 Science Curriculum Day

Yesterday in Year 5, we learnt about the few of the following things:

  • For the first thing, we watched our teachers experiment with sugar, hot water, skewers and wooden pegs to make crystals representing sparklers. The science behind this is that sugar is soluble and dissolves in the water. As the water evaporates, the sugar will crystallise on the skewers.
  •  After break, Year 5 experimented in tables on making 'walking water'. We did this by having paper roles which absorb up coloured water and moved it to a clear cup of water through capillary action. 
  • Finally, each of us made lava lamps/fireworks in a bottle. How we did this was by adding food colouring and oil to water. Some of us also added a fizzy tablet which produced gas bubbles in the water which travelled through the oil.

Overall, we really enjoyed the day and would love to do it all again.


Lily & Will (Year 5 School Councillors)