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Snow Work

Snow Day Work - February


In Geography, we have just started to learn about the different continents of the world. 

We would like you to create a poster featuring each different continent (can you remember how many there are? Can you remember their names?) with a different fact about each one.

For example: 

AFRICA - longest river in the world, River Nile (6650km long)

Don't forget to add bold lettering, colour and maybe some pictures/illustrations to your poster to make it stand out and grab people's attention!


In English, we are looking at direct speech. Make a list of different synonyms for 'said' that you could use in your story writing. You might then like to write a short conversation using your words. As a challenge, try to practise using split speech as we were doing in class yesterday. 

e.g. "I'm going to make a snowman," cried Sam, "and it's going to be much better than Mr. Birdseye's!"


Don't forget to keep practising your timestables using Times Tables Rockstars!


Please bring your work into school upon our return so that we can share and celebrate what you have done at home!


Thank you.

Year 5 team