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Tuesday 23rd February - Choose a common exception word search to complete

Thursday 25th February - WALT: Sort present and past tense verbs. Then you can try the Past and Present tense mini-test.






Tuesday 2nd February - Contractions. Look at the powerpoint first and then complete the worksheet.

Wednesday 3rd February - click on the link below and complete the activities about using apostrophes for contractions.

Thursday 4th February - Complete the Apostrophe workbook below





Tuesday 26th January - Types of sentences, click on the link below to complete activity 1 and 2 on the BBC bitesize website.

Wednesday 27th January - Choose 1, 2 or 3 star worksheet to complete about different types of sentences.

Thursday 28th January - take part in the Types of Sentences quiz powerpoint below.

Tuesday 19th January - Watch the power point to remind you about nouns and then complete the noun hunt activity sheet.

Wednesday 20th January. WALT Use capital letters for proper nouns

Thursday 21st January - Choose a SPAG mat to complete







Tuesday 12th January - Today we will be looking at synonyms for said. Do you know what a synonym is? Complete the worksheet below.

Wednesday 13th January - today you are going to correct sentences by adding the correct punctuation. Capital letters and full stops. Can you think of other punctuation that might need to be used? Complete the worksheet below.

Thursday 14th January - Look at the powerpoint about different types of sentences. Then complete the worksheets below.

Wednesday 6th January - today we will be looking at past tense verbs (/ed). Please complete one of the worksheets below.

Thursday 7th January - today you are learning how to use commas in lists. Please watch the PowerPoint and then complete one of the worksheets (1 star is easier and 3 stars is more tricky).