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Spellings are set every Tuesday and then are tested the following Tuesday.

We will hand you your new spellings each week, but in case you lose them, find the full term's list below.


Why not try some spelling games?

Here is a link to some fun BBC Bitesize Games which practise some of the rules we'll be learning:

BBC Bitesize Year 6 Spellings

Here is a link to Spelling Frame which has some fun activities and games to help you learn some more spelling rules (scroll down to Year 5 and 6 to find some free modules):

Spelling Frame

This Spooky Spelling game is good for practising the Year 5&6 statutory spelling lists:

Spooky Spelling Game

This game uses the Look-cover-write-check approach in a fun and interactive way - you can choose to learn a specific rule or concentrate on the statutory spelling words:

Look-Cover-Write-Check ICT Games

Year 6 Autumn Spelling Lists