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Spring Week 2 11.01.2021



This week's topic work will be continuing with Science looking at States of Matter. Please complete the daily lessons from the Oak National Academy by following the links provided below. If any additional support is needed please do not hesitate to contact the Year 4 team via


If possible, we would like children to take part in an experiment on Tuesday. For this children will need cornflour and water. Thank you for your support in advance (we are very sorry too).  


Monday 11th January


LO – to understand what happens when you heat or cool each state of matter


  • Must: Watch video and complete activities.
  • Should: Be able to explain what happens when things are cooled or heated to an adult.  
  • Could: Try heating or cooling an object e.g. a balloon with air inside


Tuesday 12th January


(Please skip lessons 4 and 5 on Oak Academy)


LO – to understand what substances do not fit into one state of matter


  • Must: Watch video and complete activities.
  • Should: Be able to explain what substance do not fit into one state of matter to an adult.  
  • Could: Make a Non-Newtonian fluid. Cornflour and water. You might like to take photographs or film yourself explaining how it works.


Wednesday 13th January



Madame Reynard’s French activity builds on previous learning and is all about asking someone else how they are feeling and telling them how you are feeling. Full details of the activity can be found in the resource section at the bottom of this page.



Mr. Williams has put together an SPS exclusive PE challenge. Please see resource bank for more information. 

Add up your total number of stars, take a picture of your scorecard and get an adult to email them in to Your Year Group email address. Mr Williams will then compile our very own I’m A Celebrity Leader board, and we will then find out wow will be crowned King or Queen of the Fitness Jungle in each year group.


Thursday 14th January


LO – to understand the processes in the water cycle


Today we would like children to investigate the water cycle. You can choose how to display your learning today. Here are some ideas:

  • Poster
  • Short Video
  • Stop Frame Animation
  • Leaflet


Click on these resources to help you learn first:

  1. Water Cycle animation
  2. BBC Bitesize video explanation of the Water Cycle
  3. 'Annoying' but memorable Water Cycle song!


If you would like a starting point you can find two versions of a picture of the Water Cycle in the resource section below - one with cut and stick labels and one for annotation. 


Friday 15th January


Along with other year groups we are dedicating Friday afternoon to quality family time. Perhaps you could go on a family walk, or play a board game or watch a film together? If you have other ideas, let us know so we can suggest for future weeks! Below is a list of 101 ideas that we have found. Warning: Some activities are longer/more suitable than others.