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Spring Week 3 18.01.2021


This week in Topic we will be moving on to our new Geography topic – Extreme Earth. Please complete the two Geography lessons from the Oak National Academy by following the links provided below. If any additional support is needed please do not hesitate to contact the Year 4 team via


Monday 18th January


LO – To identify what the Earth is made of

Oak National Academy Lesson 1 - to find this lesson click here.

You can record your answers in your own way or use the template answer sheet provided in the resource bank below.

  • Must: Watch video lesson and complete activities (use the Geography Lesson 1 resource to record your answers if you would like).
  • Should: Be able to explain the difference between the different layers in the structure of the Earth. 
  • Could: Indicate on the map of the world the key areas where volcanoes are found..


Tuesday 19th January


(Please skip lesson 2 on Oak Academy)

LO – To understand how volcanoes are made

Oak National Acdaemy Lesson 3 - to find this lesson click here.

You can record your answers in your own way or use the template answer sheet provided in the resource bank below.

  • Must: Watch video and complete activities.
  • Should: Be able to explain some of the key features of shield and stratovolcanos to someone else at home  
  • Could: Make a volcanic eruption using a household acid such as vinegar or lemon juice and an alkali such as baking soda (follow the video link for an example). Thinking back to our previous work in Science, identify the solid, liquid and gas in this chemical reaction.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got and baking soda, salt and any fizzy drink will also create a chemical reaction although it is much slower! In class on Friday we will be making our own volcanoes in which to set off our eruptions. You might like to do the same as part of your Family Fun Afternoon?


Wednesday 20th January


Madame Reynard’s French activity builds on previous learning and is all about asking someone how they are feeling. Full details of the activity can be found in the resource section at the bottom of this page.



Continuation of Mr Willams’ PE challenge. Please see resource bank for more information. 

Add up your total number of stars, take a picture of your scorecard and get an adult to email them in to Your Year Group email address. Mr Williams will then compile our very own I’m A Celebrity Leader board, and we will then find out wow will be crowned King or Queen of the Fitness Jungle in each year group.


Thursday 21st January


LO: To identify some challenges people face

LO: To express our own dreams and goals

This is the introduction to our new topic – Dreams and Goals

We may feel that our dreams and goals have been affected by Lockdown and everything that is happening in the world at the moment but this isn’t the way that it is always going to be. In this lesson we are going to look at the challenges which others have overcome so that we can think about setting our own dreams and goals for the future.

Watch the BBC Bitesize film about Paralympian Ade Adepitan

Think about these questions:

What challenges did Ade face?

What did Ade do to overcome his challenges and achieve his dream of being a Paralympic athlete?

Now look at the 6 pictures on the ’Overcoming difficulties’ resource sheet (in the resource bank).

Pick one of the pictures and create a short back story for the person facing the challenge.

Try to write one or two sentences for each of the following points. These could be written in the first person, as if the person is telling their own story.

• Introduce the person, their name and their challenge.
• Describe how the person feels about facing the challenge.
• Describe how the person achieves the challenge.
• Describe how the person feels when they have been successful.

Now think about what your dreams and goals for the future are. You can either record what your own dreams and goals are in your own way or you could complete the sheet called ‘What do want for your future?’ (in the resource bank).


Friday 22nd January

Family Fun Afternoon

Along with other year groups we are dedicating Friday afternoon to quality family time. Perhaps you could go on a family walk, or play a board game or watch a film together? If you have other ideas, let us know so we can suggest for future weeks! Below is a list of 101 ideas that we have found. Warning: Some activities are longer/more suitable than others.


In school this week we will be watching the recording of last Friday’s National Marine Aquarium Live Lesson about underwater volcanoes and then making our own working volcanoes!

Follow this link if you would like to have a go at this too: