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Spring Week 3 18.01.2021



In English this week we will be continuing our work on formal letter writing. Please use the resources below alongside the daily instruction to complete your work. Please join Mr. Thompson for Live English Lessons this week, daily at 10pm. 


We are also asking children to continue reading for pleasure. To help with this we are supply lots of ideas in our ‘Reading’ section. We would like children to take part in a reading activity for 10 minutes each day.


If any additional support is needed please do not hesitate to contact the Year 4 team via


Monday 18th January


LO - To understand when to use contractions in my writing.

In today’s lesson we will be looking at the what are contractions in grammar. Generally, contractions are considered informal and would not be used in a formal letter. Therefore, children need to be prepared to use the longer alternatives.

  • Must: Match contractions to the correct word pairs – Worksheet 1
  • Should: Reverse contractions in sentences – Worksheet 2
  • Could: Write 3 sentences that have used expanded contractions (e.g. Unfortunately, I did not receive my meal until half an hour had passed.)


Tuesday 19th January


LO – To practice using well-structured paragraphs.


In today’s lesson we will be switching our focus to grammar. Today’s exercise will be using paragraphs effectively. Please look at the textbook below. The blue section contains some useful tips for you:


  • Must: Complete Focus
  • Should: Complete Focus and Practice
  • Could: Complete Focus, Practice and Extension


Wednesday 20th January


LO - To select and generate language for a formal letter.


In today’s lesson we will be looking at generating ideas for writing our own formal letters. Later on in the week, we will be writing a letter of complaint. People write a letter of complaint when they are not happy with something. Use a thesaurus of to help


Words from today's live lesson are now in the resource bank at the bottom of this page. 


  • Must: Think of 10 more formal synonyms for ‘bad’
  • Should: Think of 10 formal words linked to food
  • Could: Think of 10 formal words linked to a restaurant.



Thursday 21th January


LO - To plan a formal letter.


In today’s lesson we will be planning our formal letters. This should help us think about the content and layout. Use the formal language from yesterday’s lesson to help you.  


  • Must: Complete column 1 of the plan – why are you writing, complaints and a summary
  • Should: Complete column 1 and 2 – write down the formal language you will use in each section
  • Could: Complete column 1,2 and 3 – write down any powerful sentence starts and think of some useful connectives you might like to use.


Friday 22nd January


LO - To write a formal letter.


In today’s lesson we will be writing a formal letter. After visiting a restaurant, we would like you to write a letter to the manager letting them know what an awful time you had. Possible topics in the rest of your letter could be: the view, what you ate, the décor of the restaurant, entertainment and the cost. You might like to type, handwrite or print this letter so far. USE YOUR PLAN FROM YESTERDAY TO HELP. Once you have finished writing your letter please complete a marking ladder to let us know how you got on. Send us a photograph/scan your work so we can give you some feedback.


  • Must: Use the correct layout of a formal letter
  • Should: Use formal language effectively
  • Could: Use paragraphs correctly