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Spring Week 4 25.01.2021



In English this week we will starting a book study linked to our Geography topic – Extreme Earth. The book we will be looking at is called Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo. We will be using this text as a basis for our English for the next 3 weeks. It is not essential for your child to have a copy of the text as we will be using extracts/recording chapters. However, you may wish to buy your child a copy – I know there are pre-loved copies on Amazon.


We are also asking children to continue reading for pleasure. To help with this we are supply lots of ideas in our ‘Reading’ section. We would like children to take part in a reading activity for 10 minutes each day.


If any additional support is needed please do not hesitate to contact the Year 4 team via


Monday 25thJanuary


LO – To make predictions about a book.


Today we will be starting to look at a new book. Later in the week we will begin reading the title. However today we want to know your thoughts and predictions. They say never judge a book by its cover – today that’s exactly what we want you to do. Using just the picture below we want you to tell us what you think the book might be about and predict what you think might happen. You could print this picture/draw out your own version and list your ideas around. Please use the questions below to help your thoughts. As an extension you might like to research the author – Michael Morpurgo.


  • Must: Make a prediction about the book using 3 questions to help.
  • Should: Make a prediction about the book using most the questions to help.
  • Could: Research the author as an extension.



What could this story be about?

Who is the author/illustrator? What do they do?

Where does the story take place? (setting)

Who are the main characters in the story?

What do you think is going to happen next? Can you guess the ending?

Do you know any more stories like this? Tell me how they are alike.

Do you know another story with similar characters in? Tell me how they are similar.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?


Tuesday 26th January


LO – To research about Indonesia.


Children to begin the lesson by reading the blurb. Compare this to the work completed yesterday. Today children will be finding out more about the main setting of the book – Indonesia. Children are to research Indonesia and make a fact file. You might like to carry out your own research and display this in a creative way (leaflet, poster, top 10 facts). Another option is to use the blank fact file provided below alongside the information we have selected.  


  • Must: Be able to locate Indonesia on a world map.
  • Should: Know 3 facts about Indonesia.
  • Could: Explain why Tsunamis and come in Indonesia.


Wednesday 27th January


LO – To write a short journey description.


To start today’s lesson, children are to listen to the first extract from Running Wild. This is on pages 9-13 if you would like to follow.   For your work today, you will be writing a short journey description of being on a train. Use the video below to help you begin your writing:


What type of things might they see that you could describe?

How might it feel?

What could they hear?

Running Wild - Chapter 1 to page 13

Train Journey Sounds

Still image for this video

Please use the writing prompt to help you even further (see Resource Bank)


  • Must: Write 4 correctly punctuated sentences.
  • Should: Write a paragraph using powerful adjective. (grey skies and green fields)
  • Could: Use powerful sentence openers (Whirling in the wind…)


Thursday 28th January


LO – To understand subordinating conjunctions (Grammar Focus).   


In English today we will be focussing on Grammar. To help us with our writing tomorrow we would like children to practice using subordinating conjunctions. They are used at the beginning of a piece of writing which doesn’t make sense on its own. I SAW A WABUB! Use this strange phrase to help remember the most popular subordinating conjunctions.


I – if

S – since

A – as

W – when

A – although

W – while

A – after

B – before

U – until

B – because


Practice using these words to finish the sentences in the activity below. You might like to draw/cut out the jigsaw pieces or simply underline your various parts of each sentence.



Friday 29th January


LO – To use subordinating conjunctions (Writing Focus).   


Today children will be applying the skill of writing sentences using subordinating conjunctions. Please use the PowerPoint/PDF below to remind yourself how to use these correctly. You will then need to add to the setting description below (or you can find the worksheet version in the resource bank):


Please excuse the Friday 'intentional oops' 


  • Must: Choose the most appropriate subordinating conjunction
  • Should: Complete a sentence using a subordinating clause.
  • Could: Continue the description writing your own sentences independently starting with a subordinating conjunction (Hint: you will need to use a comma).