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Spring Week 4 25.01.2021


This week in Topic we will be continuing our Geography topic – Extreme Earth. Please complete the two Geography lessons from the Oak National Academy by following the links provided below. If any additional support is needed please do not hesitate to contact the Year 4 team via


Monday 25th January

LO – To understand how Earthquakes occur. (Lesson 4)

  • Must: Complete the activities on the Oak Academy
  • Should: Use the worksheet to help extend your learning. 
  • Could: Research some famous earthquakes -


Tuesday 26th January

LO – To investigate what happens when a volcano erupts. (Lesson 5)

  • Must: Complete the activities on the Oak Academy
  • Should: Use the worksheet to extend your learning
  • Could: Write a diary entry about the Pompeii eruption  


Pretend you are in the Italian town of Pompeii in AD 79. You are witness to a volcanic eruption from the mighty Mount Vesuvius. Write a letter to a friend telling them about what happened. You could either research this historical event or watch the BBC video link to give you some ideas. WARNING - PLEASE BE AWARE THIS IS BASED ON WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED AT POMPEII AND YOU MIGHT WANT TO WATCH THIS WITH YOUR CHILD. 



Wednesday 27th January




Madame Reynard’s French activity is an investigative task. Full details of the activity can be found in the resource section at the bottom of this page.




Mr. Williams has put together another SPS exclusive PE challenge. Please see document at the top of the page.

Try to collect a line or maybe a full house. As always send your results to the Year 4 email and we will send these on to Mr. Williams! 


Thursday 28th January


LO: To imagine how it will feel when I achieve my goals.


Today we will be looking at someone who has achieved their own goals. Use the pictures below to answer the following questions:


Who do you think the lady in the picture is?

What do you think her dreams and goals were when she was a child?

What were Jane’s dreams and goals?

How did she achieve these?

What are your dreams and goals?

Is it good to have dreams and goals?

How will you achieve your dreams and goals?


Friday 29th January


Along with other year groups we are dedicating Friday afternoon to quality family time. Perhaps you could go on a family walk, or play a board game or watch a film together? If you have other ideas, let us know so we can suggest for future weeks! Below is a list of 101 ideas that we have found. Warning: Some activities are longer/more suitable than others.