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Spring Week 5 01.02.2021



This week in Topic we will be continuing our Geography topic on Extreme Earth. Please complete the two Geography lessons from the Oak National Academy by following the links provided below. If any additional support is needed please do not hesitate to contact the Year 4 team via


Please be aware, our geography lessons on Monday and Tuesday cover the destructive potential of volcanoes and tsunamis. You may want to watch at least the first Oak National Academy video lesson with your child. Michael Morpurgo’s book Running Wild, which we are studying in English, includes a fictional account of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.


Monday 1st January


LO – To identify what happens when an earthquake occurs

  • Must: Watch video lesson and complete the activities (use the Monday Geography resource to record your answers if you would like).
  • Should: Watch the Newsround video ‘What is a tsunami?’ and be able to explain to another member of the household what a tsunami is.

  • Could: Complete some research about tsunamis using the Tsunami Research PowerPoint (see resource section below)


Tuesday 2nd February


30-minute Live Music Lesson delivered by a specialist music teacher starting at 1:10pm.

Follow the Bucks Learning Trust link which was sent out by Parentmail on Wednesday 20th January.



LO – To understand how we can protect against earthquakes

  • Must: Watch video and be able to tell someone two ways in which buildings are being protected against earthquake damage.
  • Should: Complete the activities (use the Tuesday Geography resource to record your answers if you would like).
  • Could: Make a poster or fact file recording the key facts you have learned in the Extreme Earth topic.


Wednesday 3rd February


Madame Reynard’s French activity builds on previous learning and is all about Candlemas. Full details of the activity can be found in the resource section at the bottom of this page.



Mr. Williams has set you a challenge to become the PE Teacher and devise your own PE Lesson. See the resource section at the bottom of the page for further details from Mr. Williams. Enjoy!


Thursday 4th February


LO: To design a dream garden for someone facing challenges

Lesson 3 of our Dreams and Goals PSHE topic.

Look at the pictures of gardens with decorative items within them (see resource bank). See how many garden decorations you can find in 5 minutes.

In this session the goal is to design a garden for people who face a particular challenge (e.g. visually impaired people, people who use a wheelchair or walking frame, people who are hard of hearing or elderly people who can’t bend down etc.).

You might want to consider the following when designing your garden:

  • Who is your garden design for?
  • What challenges does your person face?
  • For people who have a visual impairment, consider a water feature so that they can enjoy the sound of flowing water
  • For people who use a wheelchair or a walking frame make sure you include wide paths around your garden
  • Which of the decorative features you found in the garden pictures will you include in your garden design?
  • Don’t forget to include seats around the garden for people to rest and some shady areas where people can sit on hot days
  • Think about having garden tables or planters and pots that are easy to reach without bending
  • Ponds are a good way to attract insects and birds to the garden, might there be room in your design for a pond?
  • Hedges look lovely but can be difficult to maintain, might you use brick walls or fences around your garden instead?


You can draw your garden design on a piece of paper or you could use the Garden Design sheet in the resource bank.


Don’t forget to send us a picture of your garden plan to the email account!


Friday 5th February

Along with other year groups we are dedicating Friday afternoon to quality family time.


We’ve noticed that many Year 4 children really enjoy a science investigation so you might want to have a look on the Royal Institution website which has short videos explaining what you will need for an investigation, how the science works and what to do. Follow the link below if you want to try making a homemade Lava Lamp!


In class this Friday afternoon we will be looking at the wave paintings of Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai and creating some of our own tsunami wave paintings. You might like to try some wave drawing or painting too.




Below is a list of 101 ideas that we have found. Warning: Some activities are longer/more suitable than others.