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Spring Week 6 08.02.2021



This week we will be moving away from our usual topic work to focus on improving wellbeing. Each afternoon simply choose an activity from the selection provided (if none of these suit please find even more ideas in the resource bank). To record your activities, you could do this is many ways. For example, make a wellbeing scrap book or simply take a photo of each task. Keep it simple! If any additional support is needed please do not hesitate to contact the Year 4 team via


Monday 1st January




Choose at least 1 activity from the 3 listed.


  • Activity 1: Write a letter to a friend, telling them about things that have been going well for you recently. Could you include some photos or draw a picture for them?
  • Activity 2: Make a ‘Fab File’ to collect work and pictures that you are proud of, certificates that celebrate your achievements and cards from people that you care about. You could then look at it whenever you might be feeling low.
  • Activity 3: Learn how to bake or cook something. Could you make a healthy treat or a new meal?


Tuesday 2nd February




30-minute Live Music Lesson delivered by a specialist music teacher starting at 1:10pm.

Follow the Bucks Learning Trust link which was sent out by Parentmail on Wednesday 20th January.




Choose at least 1 activity from the 3 listed.


  • Activity 1: Think of a gift that you could give to somebody. Can you draw or make something that will make them smile?
  • Activity 2: Make a timeline to show the main events in your life and to highlight when you achieved new things for the first time (e.g. your first steps, first day at school and the first time you wrote your own name).
  • Activity 3: Find some inspirational quotes online and choose one that you like. Could you turn it into a poster?

Wednesday 3rd February



Madame Reynard’s French activity builds on previous learning and is all about creating a French flag. Full details of the activity can be found in the resource section at the bottom of this page.



Mr. Williams has set you a challenge to complete some activities from his own wellbeing checklist. See the resource section at the bottom of the page for further details from Mr. Williams. Enjoy!


Thursday 4th February




Choose at least 1 activity from the 3 listed.


  • Activity 1: Write a letter to yourself in a week, month or year. What goals do you hope to achieve by the time you read your letter again?
  • Activity 2: Get outside. Go for a walk and try to look for different plants and animals. Could you make a note of which ones you see or draw a picture of some of them?
  • Activity 3: Put on some calming music and colour in some colouring pages.


Friday 5th February




Choose at least 1 activity from the 3 listed.


  • Activity 1: Try to solve some puzzles. These could be jigsaws, number puzzles or crosswords.
  • Activity 2: Dance! Put on your favourite song and dance along. You might be able to follow a dance-along version of the video on Youtube too.
  • Activity 3: Use construction toys, building blocks or junk modelling materials to make something! Could you work with others to make something as a team?