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Spring Week 7 22.02.2021



This week in Topic we will be starting our new History topic on Roman Britain. Please complete the two History lessons from the Oak National Academy by following the links provided below. If any additional support is needed please do not hesitate to contact the Year 4 team via


Monday 22nd February



LO – To identify how the Roman Empire become so powerful

  • Must: Watch video lesson and complete the activities
  • Should: Look at the map of Europe in the resource bank and complete the Roman Empire Map task (see resource section)
  • Could: Draw the General Hannibal on his elephant traveling over the mountain range, the Alps


Tuesday 23rd February



LO – To understand what Britain was like before the Romans invaded

  • Must: Watch video lesson and complete the activities
  • Should: Make a poster of facts about the Celts that you remember from our work on the Bronze and Iron Age last term
  • Could: Play the Crazy Celts board game (see resource section)


Wednesday 24th February



Madame Reynard’s French activity builds on previous learning and is all about the festival of Mardi Gras. Full details of the activity can be found in the resource section at the bottom of this page.



Mr. Williams has set you a challenge to create an activity sequence based on the letters of your name. See the resource section at the bottom of the page for further details from Mr. Williams. Enjoy!


Thursday 25th February



LO: To identify the feelings I have about my friends and my different friendship groups

Lesson 1 of our ‘Healthy Me’ PSHE topic.


Look at the PowerPoint presentation about friendship and think about all the people you are friends with.


Must: Record your friends in your Friendship Chart as follows:

  • In the centre are the friends/family that are closest to you; your best friends, and closest family members
  • In the second circle your good friends, next closest family, (but who you regard as not the closest)
  • In the third circle friends who you know less well (perhaps people at groups or societies, relatives you see occasionally etc.)
  • In the fourth circle, acquaintances (for example, neighbours, friends of friends etc.)



Briefly explain why you have put the different people in different places on the chart.

Think about how we sometimes act differently with friends from different friendship group. Remember that friendships can change over time and people can move from to and from different friendship groups. This is a normal part of life.


Identify the qualities of a good friend and draw what a good friend does for you. (See resource bank)



Friday 26th February


Along with other year groups we are dedicating Friday afternoon to quality family time.

In school, we will be making Celtic pattern printing blocks using glue and string. You might like to try this at home too. (See resource bank)


You could also make a selection or two from the non screen activites we shared in Week 6.