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Spring Week 7 22.02.2021

Amelia M (Holly) Great Indonesian Postcard

Charlie (Holly) Map of the Roman Empire

Sophie (Hazel) Brilliant Postcard Writing!

Flynn (Hazel) Super Postcard Writing!

Isla (Holly) Fantastic addition calculations

Layla (Holly) Great postcard from Indonesia

Tommy (Holly) Excellent postcard

Molly (Holly) Fantastic top tips for maths presentation

Alex (Holly) Excellent formal written addition calculations

Zaynab (Holly) Brilliant mental subtraction calculations

Cameron (Holly) Fantastic postcard from Indonesia

Piper (Holly) Polished, published postcard

Zente (Holly) Fantastic mental addition

William (Hazel) Super Party Planning!

Betty (Hazel) Brilliant Maths Effort

Year 4 Cooking Continues

Lily H (Hazel) Great History Work!

Sankayan (Hazel ) Marvellous Mental Maths

Sofia (Hazel) Perfect Party Planning

Leo (Holly) Informal Letter