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Teaching units:


In Year 3 we meet Minou and Minette, the little French giraffes who teach us about life in France. They help us to count from 0-12 and to talk all about ourselves and how we are feeling.


In Year 4 Minou and Minette continue to help us to talk about how we are feeling and where we live. They help us to find out how some children celebrate their birthdays in France. We learn how to count up to 31 so that we can say when our birthdays are.


In Year 5 we learn to talk about pets. Another of our goals is to be able to use the numbers up to 69! We learn how to talk about the weather and to  say what we might wear at different times of the year.


In Year 6 we try to make our writing more descriptive. We explore what life is like in some French schools. We also learn to express how we feel about some school subjects and try to justify our opinions.