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Teaching Units

 In Year 1 we cover: 

  • Where on Earth are we? United Kingdom
  • All around me - Looking at our local area 
  • Hot and Cold places


In Year 2 we cover: 

  • Continents and Oceans 
  • Tocuaro
  • Going to the seaside 


In Year 3 we cover:

  • United Kingdom - Let's look in detail 
  • Village and city life a comparison 
  • Wild about water 


In Year 4 we cover:

  • I spy Europe
  • Extreme Earth
  • Environmental concerns 


In Year 5 we cover:

  • Every continent is unique
  • Climb every Mountain
  • New York and Rio a comparison 


In Year 6 we cover:

  • Our world upside down seasons
  • Extreme climates 
  • Comparison study United Kingdom and Europe