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Three out of my four children (will be four when she can go) have attended the nursery at Stokenchurch primary school. Each one has absolutely loved going there every day. As a parent I couldn’t of hoped for a better environment for my children to start their learning journey. The teachers are amazing and I can’t fault them at all. They show their dedication and love for what they do everyday and this has been even more apparent during the recent pandemic. I can’t speak highly enough of the nursery as a whole but also of Mrs Bailes and every teacher that has worked alongside her over the 3 years my children have attended the nursery. 

Mrs Marles, 2021


You could not wish for a better place for your little ones to start their learning journey. The staff make the children, and you as parents, instantly feel at ease. Their love of teaching and being around the children is always evident as they create the perfect setting, atmosphere and learning environment for them all. My son adored his time at Nursery, coming on leaps and bounds - Stokenchurch really was the best start he could have had. My littlest will be starting this year and I can't wait for him to follow suit; growing in confidence and independence and for his school life to start. I would 100% recommend Stokenchurch - what fantastic staff, ethos and overall passion they show to our children. It truly is an outstanding school!

Mrs Hughes, 2021


Over the course of a handful of years I have had three children attend the wonderful nursery at Stokenchurch Primary School. Without exception I watched the boys blossom from slightly shy, unsure little boys into confident, assured ones.  I felt the teachers in F1 really worked magic with them; all three boys went into reception with a solid knowledge of reading and writing and the teachers made it so fun that they never even realised they were learning!!  I believe that each one of my children was given the very best possible start in life at this nursery; I have recommended F1 to several friends and wouldn’t hesitate to continue to do so. They all had a year that they remember with fondness.  By the time they started their reception year they were so comfortable with their surroundings that they marched happily in on their first day without looking back. I cannot speak highly enough of the nursery and it's teachers at Stokenchurch and any child who attends will have a very happy year indeed.

Mrs Wheeler, March 2019


Both of our children have attended the nursery at Stokenchurch Primary School and have loved every minute. "Mummy can I stay all day?!" my son exclaimed after only one day! I honestly do not think you will find a better duo than Mrs Bailes and Mrs Simmie, who for me, have made the whole 'starting school' journey a walk in the park. Thank you so much for everything you do for our children.

Miss Pannell, May 2018


My son loved every minute of his time in nursery at Stokenchurch Primary School. He came away with a fantastic introduction into school life; eager to learn. The staff are wonderful with the children and also the emotional mothers who find it harder to leave children than the children do! Any concerns were dealt with compassionately and quickly. I hope nothing changes before my daughter starts.

Mrs Prince, April 2018


Both our boys have gone to the nursery at Stokenchurch Primary School. We have watched them develop their confidence and skills with the wonderful teaching staff. Transition to full-time school feels seamless and they leave the nursery with all the foundations they need for success. I could not recommend this nursery more highly - a wonderful environment for happy children. Our boys loved it.

Mrs Poynton, April 2018


Stokenchurch nursery is a very friendly, professional nursery. Both my boys have been here and really enjoyed every second. The teachers are amazing at their jobs and every child loves them. Everyone always has wonderful things to say about the nursery and I would highly recommend it. The teachers are very caring and provide such a good start to our children's education. They are always happy and very approachable which makes it easier to drop your child off knowing they are in safe, reliable hands.

Mrs Deane, April 2018


I would like to say how amazing the nursery at Stokenchurch Primary School is. Two out of my three children attend and have become bright little girls. I can't wait for the third to go and be a part of Mrs Bailes' and Mrs Simmie's close family nursery. From one parent to another...this nursery is amazing.

Mrs Curtis, April 2018


I could not be more pleased with my sons’ development since he started attending the Foundation class at Stokenchurch Primary. He really enjoys going to school every day and I feel that both academically and socially he is excelling. I believe that this is due to his fantastic teachers and an ethos of fun, inclusion and learning that they bring to their class.

Stokenchurch Primary was our first choice when applying for primary schools and I am very happy that he got a place and will be continuing his education there this September. 

Mr Gleeson, April 2018


Both our boys enjoyed every day at Stokenchurch Primary School nursery. Every day was a pleasure to collect them and hear about all the wonderful activities they had done. We were pleasantly surprised by the organisation of each terms fun learning that the children quickly grasped; especially phonics and a love of reading. All the staff at nursery offered a loving environment especially in the early days of starting.

Mrs Mirza, April 2018


Two of my children have been lucky enough to go to the nursery at Stokenchurch Primary School. It's a lovely nursery that provides a structured but exciting introduction into education. They have learnt phonics using the Jolly Phonics approach which has been a great way of learning with actions. We have seen our children develop and grow during their time at nursery. Teachers Mrs Bailes and Mrs Simmie are lovely and really work hard to make each and every day exciting...the children love them and you can tell they thoroughly enjoy their work. They are always available to chat and adapt the learning to suit all the needs and abilities of each child. We would recommend highly this nursery.

Mrs Cashman, April 2018


Stokenchurch nursery is a wonderful setting and I highly recommend it. It has a calm and welcoming atmosphere where all the children are content. My daughter settled immediately, her confidence has grown. Everyday she comes out smiling with lots to tell me about her morning. She's learnt so much and made many friends. The staff are caring, nurturing and go above and beyond for each of their pupils. They work hard to get them ready and prepared for school. It's been the perfect start to my daughters education.

Mrs Williams, April 2018


My daughter attended her induction meeting and then asked several times throughout the summer holidays "When do I start nursery?" The staff and environment were so welcoming that my daughter warmed to nursery before it had even begun. Prior to my daughter, my son attended nursery. Both children developed social and academic skills at different speeds and I am grateful to the staff for supporting them through their individual stages. Teacher and parent interaction has been regular and it has been useful to ask the staff for advice on home learning at the end of a session. I have enjoyed shared circle times watching my daughters confidence grow amongst her peers. I feel that nursery has nurtured my children in a way that has made them keen to go to school. This confidence along with social and academic skills will underpin my children's success at Stokenchurch Primary School.

Mrs Smale, April 2018