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Here you can listen to The BFG at home. Can you recognise who is telling the story?

Chapter 1- The Witching Hour

Chapter 2- Who?

Chapter 3- The Snatch

Chapter 4- The Cave

Chapter 5- The BFG

Chapter 6- The Giants

Chapter 7- The Marvellous Ears

Chapter 8- Snozzcumbers

Chapter 9- Bloodbottler

Chapter 10- Frobscottle and Whizzpoppers

Chapter 11- Journey to Dream Country

Chapter 12- Dream Catching

Chapter 13- A Trogglehumper for the Fleshlumpeater

Chapter 14- Dreams

Chapter 15- The Great Plan

Chapter 16- Mixing the Dream

Chapter 17- Journey to London

Chapter 18- The Palace

Chapter 19- The Queen

Chapter 20- The Royal Breakfast

Chapter 21- The Plan

Chapter 22- Capture!

Chapter 23- Feeding Time

Chapter 24- The Author