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The Holmer Green Sports Partnership

 The Holmer Green Sports Partnership

This year we are delighted to be able to be part of the Holmer Green Sports Partnership, which will involve every child at our school taking part in at least two inter-school sports competitions at a series of festivals. All of these festivals will take place on a Friday afternoon (after lunchtime) from 12:45pm to 2:45pm at Holmer Green Senior School.


The Year 6 Children taking a break after their Tag Rugby Festival 


Below are the dates for all the Festivals that our school will be taking part in:

Year Group Festival 1 Date Festival 2 Date
F2 Gymnastics 2nd March 2018 Multi-skills 8th June 2018
Year 1 Gymnastics 10th November 2017 Multi-skills 4th May 2018
Year 2 Multi-skills 20th October 2017 Football 11th May 2018
Year 3 Basketball

16th March 2017


22nd June 2018

Year 4 Netball

6th October 2017

13th October 2017

Tag Rugby 9th March
Year 5 Football 29th September 2017 Handball

20th April

27th April

Year 6 Tag Rugby 22nd September 2017 Volleyball

18th May