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The Reading Spine

The Reading Spine


The Reading Spine was introduced in September 2020 to provide a core selection of books which can help to inform, support, enrich, inspire and act as a companion to the teaching of reading and writing at Stokenchurch Primary School. Additionally, the deep exploration of a core set of books acts to support the modelling of reading for pleasure and allows for shared experiences between learners of all abilities. It encourages children to expand their reading worlds, and for them to be introduced to authors whom they might not otherwise meet. Our vision is for this list to evolve and grow year on year as it is influenced by the children's appetite, staff recommendations and new publications.


Although not compulsory, we warmly welcome (and encourage) you to supply your child with a copy of the spine book they are reading so that they can have a personal copy of the text to follow along with. Should you choose to do this, please ensure books are named. For some books, we do have whole-class copies available for children to share one-between-two. This will be noted by the titles.


Below you can access each of the year groups current Reading Spine lists.