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Summer Term - Week Starting Monday 13th July 2020

This week you will be meeting your new teachers, doing some fun fitness activities, having a Year 2 zoom meeting and designing your ideal adventure playground. Have a brilliant final week! We would love to see photos of your activities.

MUSIC -  Final Garsington Opera Monday Motivation - 13th July 2020 

Join Karen and the Garsington team for the last Monday Motivation based on Die Fledermaus. It will be filmed at Garsington Opera (observing social distancing) and feature four singers (Nazan Fikret, Natalya Romaniw, Rob Murray and Grant Doyle) plus a band of four musicians. We are anticipating that it will last around 40-45 minutes as it will also combine with a design challenge. 

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Thursday 16th July - Design your ideal adventure playground. Use the pictures below to give you some ideas.





Year 2 German - Week beginning Monday 6th July 2020

Tuesday 7th July and Wednesday 8th July – DT - Junk Modelling Challenge. Design and create a building from ‘The Jolly Postman’ from recycled packaging and materials from around your house. Will you choose the Giant’s castle, Cinderella’s Palace, the witch’s house or Granny’s cottage? Use the pictures below to give you some ideas. Think about how you will finish and paint or decorate your creation. Maybe you’d like to make some of the characters who live in your building too. You could add some accessories to help us to guess who lives there. Please draw a picture or take a photo of it to share with us. Have lots of fun!

Thursday 9th July - Design and create a playground with at least 2 pieces of playground equipment. (eg swing, slide, see-saw, monkey bars) This can be made from lego, card, paper, straws and any other materials your families are happy for you to use. The pictures below might give you some ideas.

How To Make A Swing With Paper

This is a craft video showing how to make a swing out of paper. You will need some paper, glue and string

Summer Term Week 5 - Geography -Beside the seaside 

Tuesday 30th June - Beside the Seaside. Work through the 'Islands Everywhere' power point before labelling the islands of the UK on one of the map worksheets.

Wednesday 1st July - Create a poster advertising a seaside resort of your choice. Try to include pictures or description of the features which would make you want to visit (use the seaside word mat to help you).

Thursday 2nd July - Read and work through the 'Can you see the sea?' power point . Choose a 1 star, 2 star or 3 star seaside glossary activity sheet to complete. If you finish you might like to try the 'Seaside word search'.

Seaside word search

German - Tuesday 30th June





Collage picture

Science - Habitats (week starting 27.4.20)

Still image for this video
An introduction video by Mrs Brand

Mrs Brand’s habitat walk

Still image for this video
Mrs Brand went for a walk to see how many different habitats she could find. How many can you spot? You might see some pond life and mini beasts too! Have fun when you go on your habitat walk. Remember to write down the habitats, the animals and the mini beasts you see.
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