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Enterprise Challenge!

Each afternoon this week will require you to complete another step in the challenge to promote and secure funding for your product. By the end of the week you'll need a unique brand, prototype and detailed presentation to convince the Dragons to fund your endeavour!


Enterprise 1 - Look at the presentation below to get started. By the end of this session you will need to develop a brand name and memorable (yet simple) logo design. Try researching other company logos to give yourself ideas and trial a few design options. Using the template provided below - create initial designs for your product and select one to be the finalised version. Ensure you evaluate each design identifying the pros and cons for its selection.


Enterprise 2 - Write a minimum of two paragraphs to justify the reasoning behind your final design selection. Why do you believe the design will help it sell well? What about the design will appeal to your target market (the people who will buy the product)? What makes this design most cost effective and best to be mass produced? Following this, watch the video below that shows how to create your own version of the product at home. Use the video to create a set of manufacturing instructions that anyone could follow.


Enterprise 3 - Using your instructions and resources you may have at home, create a working prototype of your design that will help show the Dragons that your product can be made effectively. Support the marketing of your product by creating an advert that promotes it. This cold be in the form of a poster or billboard advertisement - alternatively why not get creative by recording and editing a TV advert!


Enterprise 4 - The time has come to take everything you have so far and present to the Dragons. The form of your presentation is up to you: a big board full of design and detail? A Powerpoint presentation selling your product? A video recording of the pitch you would put forward if we were able to have you stand in front of the Dragons in person? you choose what you think would be most effective to sell your idea and get the funding you need! 

Manufacturing Guide

Still image for this video

Take me to the Beach!

Take me to the Beach! 1

Finding and Creating Patterns

Finding and Creating Patterns 1

Eat Well Plates

Eat Well Plates 1
Eat Well Plates 2

Stone Age Timeline

Stone Age Timeline 1

Blitz Story Writing Prompt

World War 2 Letter writing prompts

Instructions on how to make an Anderson Shelter

Anderson Shelter Evaluation Form

Silhouette Art Guide

Please note that if paints and black card is unavailable to complete the 'Silhouette Art' then a similar effect can be achieved through use of colour pencils and black pencil for the silhouette itself!