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Topic Home Learning Details: 29.06.20


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RE - Peace


There are also some bonus challenge cards for you to download and complete if you fancy some extra to do! 


Monday 29th June:

Task 1: Introduction to Peace

☼ Work through the PowerPoint 'Introduction to Peace', completing the short activities on slides 3, 4 and 5, jotting down your answers.

Task 2: Peace Checklist

☼ Download the 'Acts of Peace' Checklist worksheet (available below). Choose Level 1 (), Level 2 (★★) or Level 3 (★★★) and complete a checklist of acts of peace of your own.


Tuesday 30th June:

Task 1: Peace Across Religions

☼ Work through the PowerPoint 'Peace Across Religions'. Read each slide carefully, and complete the game on slide 11.

Task 2: Peace poster

☼ Download the Peace Across Religions worksheet (available below). Choose Level 1 (), Level 2 (★★) or Level 3 (★★★).


Thursday 2nd July:

Task 1: Comparisons Across Religions
☼ Work through the PowerPoint 'Comparisons Across Religions'. Read carefully about the differences between religions. Are there any general differences between Eastern and Western religions?

Task 2: Peace Symbols worksheet

☼ Download and complete the Peace Symbols worksheet or the Dove of Peace worksheet (available below). Choose Level 1 (), Level 2 (★★) or Level 3 (★★★).

Task 3: Matching game

☼ Look back at the PowerPoint. Complete the matching game on slide 7. Answers are on slide 8 - no cheating!