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School Uniform

Please help us to ensure all pupils follow our School Uniform Policy.

Our school uniform can be purchased from Different Class School Wear by visiting




Urgent items (for example if your child has lost their tie or cardigan and needs one that day) can be purchased from the school office.


Please remember the importance of naming ALL of your child's clothing.

If you have been informed that your child qualifies for Pupil Premium/EVER6 you may be entitled to School Uniform Vouchers. Please visit the school office for more information.

School Uniform List


Girls Boys
  • Grey or black skirt or tunic
  • Grey or black school trousers
  • White blouse
  • School tie* (elasticated option until *end of Year 3)
  • Bottle green jumper or cardigan with School Logo*
  • Grey or white socks - not trainer socks
  • Grey or black school shoes (low heeled)
  • Green or white check cotton dress for summer
  • Long hair must always be tied back but only with a suitable green or white band
  • Hair bows must be an appropriate size and plain coloured, in line with school colours. 
  • Grey or black trousers
  • Grey or black shorts
  • White buttoned shirt (not polo shirt)
  • School tie* (elasticated option *until end of Year 3)
  • Bottle green jumper with school logo
  • Grey or black socks
  • Grey or black school shoes


Pupils in Nursery/F1 Only
  • Bottle green V neck sweatshirt with school logo
P.E. and Games Kit - Girls and Boys
  • Bottle green shorts
  • White polo shirt
  • Black plimsoles for indoor P.E.
  • White or black trainers for outdoor P.E.
  • Black tracksuit for Games/P.E.
Other Equipment/Optional Items
  • Bag for swimming/P.E. kit for hanging cloakroom
  • Apron/old shirt for art/craft activities (provided in foundation Stage)
  • School book bag
  • Water Bottle
  • School cap/sun hat



Can I remind all parents of our policy on jewellery - with the exception of wristwatches, pupils are not allowed to wear ANY jewellery. 

As noted in the previous newsletters, to avoid loss of P.E./Games lessons, parents who wish to have their child's ears pierced are advised that this should have been done at the beginning of the 6 weeks summer holiday. Any earring that needs to remain in because of recent piercing needs to be taped by parents prior to arrival at school. Given the length of the summer break, it is expected that the very latest this may be necessary is October half term. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation. 

Your child's safety and that of others is most important.