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WC 04/05/20

Frida8th May- It's VE Day!


Please use the resources below to learn about VE day!

Enjoy doing any of the activities below  and send us any pictures of your celebrations.


Enjoy celebrating!





VE Day info powerpoint

Topic Task- Thursday 7th May


To create a theme area for a library.


You've created some wonderful moodboards for the type of library that you would love. Hot chocolate machines, beanbags, colourful plant wall paper, the list goes on! 


Now, imagine that Mr Stevens is putting you in charge of one particular area of the library. It is a theme area that will change every half term. Your job is to design the first theme. What will it be? Think of your favourite story/stories, book characters, interests. Example themes: Julia Donaldson, Insects, Harry Potter... it is up to you. 


Once you have your theme, you need to design the area thinking carefully about how you will make it feel like that theme. Think about key things that you would find in that story or book. What will be on the walls? The floor? How will you display relevant books for that theme? It is up to you to get inventive and creative! 


Use the template below or draw your own. 


Estimate time: 40 mins



Topic Task- Wednesday 6th May


Bonjour les enfants!


Please find your French work from Madame Reynard below. 





Topic Task - Tuesday 5th May


Imagine that you have been told that Stokenchurch Primary school are getting a new library and it is your job to design it! 


As a designer, you're first job will be to research other primary school libraries to inspire your creativity and get you thinking. 


Collect a 'moodboard' of images of items/ideas that you would like to have in your newly designed library. If you cannot use the computer, then use your imagination  to draw different things that you would like in the library. Think about colour, texture (what are things made from/their feel), displays, different sections. What would YOU like in a library? 


One thing that you MUST include is a storytelling chair. What will this look like? What will it be made from? Which colour? This chair will be a feature of the library and will be used by many so it must be special. 


Good luck designers!


Estimated Time: 35 mins

Topic Task - Monday 4th May


From Scientists to Artists!


We are going to begin today's art by completing an observational drawing. Quite simply, this is when you draw something that you can see. 


Today we would like you to draw a chair in your house. If you have more than one type of chair in your home spend a few minutes deciding which chair you think that you would like to draw.


Draw in pencil with no colour for at least 20 minutes looking carefully at your chair and drawing what you see. Remember to think about tone, shade and texture. There are a few examples below. Look at how they have created tone and texture through their drawing.


Draw with light lines at first and DO NOT USE A RULER. If you're not happy with a line, it should be light so just carry on over the top. 


Please enjoy having a go and be proud of whatever your produce!

Good luck! 


Estimated Time: 30 mins