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WC 04/05/20

English Task - Friday 8th May


Today's task is to write a story write a story middle and ending. Use your plan ideas from yesterdat to help you. Make sure to resolve the problem or dilemma. 


Please look at the story ending flash cards for some possible final sentence ideas. 


Estimated Time: 30 Minutes

English Task - Thursday 7th May


LO: To plan the middle and end of an adventure story. 


As you know, in every good story there is usually a problem. What will yours be? Think about the place that your house will visit. What might you find there? Could this pose a problem?


For example, perhaps my house lands on top of the Himalayan mountains. Maybe a storm starts to arise that we have to escape from. Or perhaps I land in the Grand Canyon but a rock falls and breaks a third of my balloons- how will I return back home?  


Choose your problem and think of the solution.


Task 1 (Must): Quick sketch: Draw two boxes, label one 'Problem' and the other 'Solution'. Quickly sketch your story problem and solution- this should be QUICK not a beautifully detailed master piece. (3 mins)


Task 2 (Should): Choose your planning preference. Some people prefer to draw, some prefer to write. If you would rather draw, create a story map to help you plan out the different sections of your story (examples below). If you would rather write, the story mountain template is attached for you to fill out or copy into your book. (30mins)


Task 3 (Could): Use your planning tool to tell your story to someone in your family. Read it in the same way that you would write it. If your family are busy, then use one of your toys (they are excellent at listening). (10 mins)


Estimated time: 40 mins

Story Map Examples:

English Task - Wednesday 6th April


Today's task is to write the beginning/ opening paragraph to your adventure story. Your story will need a title, so if you have one already, start with that. If not, it will come to you by the end of the week. 


You are writing a powerful opening paragraph that focuses on describing your experience of your house being lifted away. It must grab your reader's attention so that they feel like they are there with you and that they want to read on.  


Do not write about landing in another location yet- this is the middle part of your story.

Just focus on describing the journey from you discovering your house has left the ground to journeying up into the sky. 


If it helps, you could first act it out with your family. What do they say? What do they do? 


Think about the details and include your thoughts and feelings. Use your senses map from yesterday's work to help you describe your experience.


We would love to read them so please feel free to send them to us via the email. 


Estimated Time: 40 Minutes

English Task - Tuesday 5th May


We are going to think about the beginning of your story, the opening paragraph. 

For this, you will be telling the story about how you wake up and discover that your house has been lifted into the sky by thousands of balloons. 


How do you feel? What thoughts come into your head? 

What do you see from your window? 

What do you hear? 

Can you smell anything? 

What can you taste? 


We are going to plan some ideas to help you make your opening paragraph/ beginning of your story exciting and descriptive. Please fill in the senses grid below (resource 1) and add in different phrases or words to describe your experience. If you cannot print off the sheet then copy the grid into your book. 


We are aiming for high quality language and description. We have included some word mats (resource 2) to help you but not all of the words on the mats will be relevant to you so select carefully. If you have a thesaurus, use this to select a more powerful word i.e. big - enormous


We look forward to reading the descriptions of your experience!


Estimate time: 40 mins

English Task - Monday 4th May


Welcome story writers! This week, you will need a great deal of imagination and story telling enthusiasm! By the end of the week, you will have created your own exciting story. 



Watch the following clip: 

(If the link does not work, please type in UP, Carl goes up into youtube.)


Now imagine- you're lying in bed and suddenly you wake up. You look out of your window and see small rooftops below you and bright balloons above you. Your house has taken to the sky and it is flying! Where are you going? What adventure are you about to begin? 


For today's lesson we want you to focus on your surroundings in order to help you think about what you might see from directly above your house. If you can, go outside of your house and do a quick 5 minute sketch of your house using any materials your like. 


Below your sketch, answer the following questions: 


  1. Where is your house? Do you have neighbours?  

  2. Where is your neighbourhood? What are the key sites in our neighbourhood?

  3. Which county do you live in? Where in the country is your county? Which part of the UK is it in?

  4. Where in the world is the UK? Which countries are close by?

  5. Where on Earth would you most like to travel to? Why?


Hopefully this will help you start to think about what you might see from above and where your house might venture to. 


Estimated Time: 45 mins