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WC 20/04/20

Topic Task (Family Friday- Friday 24th April)


Every Friday we would like families to come together and spend some quality time together. Please use your imagination but possible activities include:


Play a board game

Make something together


Build a den

Watch a film together 


If none of these are suitable here is a list of 101 activities I have found. You may be need to be selective! 

Topic Task - Thursday 23rd April


Today scientists we will be investigating the question - How do sounds travel?


We would like you to explain how sound travels around our surroundings. How does hitting an object end up with us hearing it exactly?


Please use these resources to help you gain this knowledge scientists:


You could then either draw a diagram explaining how sound travels or complete the cut and stick activity below. Or a combination of both! 

Topic Task - Wednesday 22nd April


Bonjour les enfants!


For today's topic work we would like you to take a break from Science and focus on French.


Madame Reynard has been busy putting together some brilliant resources for you to use this afternoon. Please choose an activity that she has suggested. 






Mr William's wouldn't want you missing out on some physical exercise. Please enjoy some form of physical activity this afternoon, if you are stuck for ideas just take a look in our PE section. 

Topic Task - Tuesday 21st April


Today scientists we will be investigating the question - How are sounds made?


We would like you to explore making sounds around the house (sorry parents) or the garden. Make a sound using various object. Draw the object an explain what you see. You could use the example below to help: 


How are sounds made when objects move in a particular way?



• Hit the cymbal really hard with a beater.

• What do you see?

Describe the sound.



• Hold a ruler on the edge of the table. Pull it down gently and release it.

• What do you see?

Describe the sound.



• Stretch an elastic band around a box with the lid removed.

• Pluck the elastic band hard.

• What do you see?

Describe the sound.


Estimated Time: 30 Minutes

Topic Task - Monday 20th April


In topic this week we will become expert scientists and study the field of 'Sound'. Today scientists, we would like you to carry out an investigation into sound. Please explore your surroundings (this could even be part of any daily outside exercise). Write down any sounds that you hear, describe the sound using adjectives and rate the volume (loudness) out of 10. You could write this in a table, for example: 


Sound Description Volume
TV Booming, Clear, Resonating, Distracting 6/10
Fridge Humming, Dull, Low-Pitched, Soothing 1/10


Must: Write 1 adjective to describe each sound

Should: Write a few well-chosen adjectives for each sound

Could: Write down the effect the sound has upon you 


Below is a list of words that might help you describe various sounds: