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WC 20/04/20

English Task - Friday 24th April


We hope this week's story writing has been successful. Well done for perservering (both children and parents). Today we would like children to begin to publish their sequels. This may take longer than 30 minutes and could be something to continue if you have any spare time over the weekend or next week.


Publishing a story is all about being proud of your writing. It can be a real boost to self esteem! When your children see their works in print, when they see their story is published online and many people read it, when they can hold their own book in hands – what can be more thrilling and enthusiastic for them?


You can keep this as simple or complicated as you like (the possibilities are endless). Here are some possible ideas:


Publishling Ideas



Estimated Time: 30 - ? Minutes

English Task - Thursday 23rd April


Today's task is to write a story write a story ending. Children should make sure to resolve the problem or dilemma. What has Tuffy learnt? Do things change forever? 


Please look at the story ending flash cards for some possible final sentence ideas. 


Estimated Time: 30 Minutes



English Task - Wednesday 22nd April


Today's task is to write a story middle sometimes known as the problem or dilema. Children should use their plan to write an exciting problem to their story. Below are some ideas/advice to inspire:




Estimated Time: 30 Minutes


English Task - Tuesday 21st April

(Who spotted the date error yesterday 'Oops Moment' - Well done if you did!) 


Today's task is to write a story beginning. Children should use their plan to write a simple opening to their story. Below are some ideas/advice to inspire:


Writing a story opening:


The objective is to make the reader want to keep reading


Make it dramatic, informative or exciting using at least one of the 4 components discussed.


  • Describing a character
  • Describing a setting
  • Start with an action
  • Start with some dialogue



Could you give the reader information about the setting :–

Where and when is it based? What time of year (or season)

What can you see, hear, smell or touch?

What would the audience see if they were standing there?



Could you introduce a character (or more than one)? Tell the audience about character, their name, something about them that is relevant to the story.

Could you tell us about their past, something interesting that will be impact on what happens? Or something that will explain why something will happen?

If you are writing about WW2 it could be about their experience of the war, how it has affected their family



Could you start the story with an interesting action that sets up something that will happen?


Boom!! The bombs exploded around me …

Wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh. The air raid siren wailed to warn us of the impending danger.




Could you show us a conversation that a character may have that tells us a little about what might happen? Or something that suggests a possible storyline, or leaves the reader with a question?


“But Mum, I don’t want to stay at Grandma’s! She has weird things in her house and it is really spooky. It almost feels like the painting s are watching me…”


Estimated Time: 30 Minutes


English Task - Monday 20th April 


Across the course of this week we would like children to plan, write and publish their own book! Continuing on from our work before Easter we would like children to write a sequel to The Diary of A Killer Cat.


Today children should plan out their idea for a sequel. Now this can be the most tricky part when writing a sequel - coming up with the initial idea. Please work with your child to talk through lots of different ideas. Children could do a spider diagram which thinks about lots of different ideas before they decide which they think would make the very best story. 


Anne Fine has already produced several sequels and you could use one of these titles for inspiration:


The Killer Cat's Birthday Bash

The Killer Cat Strikes Back

The Killer Cat's Christmas

The Return of the Killer Cat


of course the possibilities are endless


The Killer Cat's Holiday

The Killer Cat's Big Day Out

The Killer Cat Get Framed


To help children plan out their idea in detail we would like them to use a story mountain to think about the different parts of the story. Children could draw a story mountain in their books or you are welcome to use the resource below. 


Estimated Time: 30 Minutes