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WC 23/03/20

Topic Task (Family Friday- Friday 27th March)


Every Friday we would like families to come together and spend some quality time together. Please use your imagination but possible activities include:


Play a board game

Make something together


Build a den

Watch a film together 


Estimated Time : 1 hour


Topic Task - Thursday 26th March


Today is the final day to investigate the Jewish festival of Passover. Please continue to use all online resources. Children could even do some research into the story of Passover itself. Children can display their work however they would like:


Information Poster


Drama - annotate photos


Spider Diagram


Estimated Time : 45 minutes - 1 hours


PSHE Task - Wednesday 25th March


How are you feeling today? Can you explain why? Show us how you are feeling in your home learning book. You can draw a picture, write a diary/ a poem- represent it in anyway that you would like. 

You could use an emoji to help you identify your feelings if you can't find the word.


Vocabulary to help:

relaxed, playful, cheerful, peaceful, strong, excited, thankful, proud, loved, happy 

grumpy, lazy, tired, sad, lonely, annoyed, frustrated, quiet, jealous, worried, curious, shy


Topic Task - Tuesday 24th March 


Please continue to find out about the Jewish festival of Passover. Today children could begin to research the festival using the Powerpoint provided as well as any research of their own.


Children should focus on the special meal Jewish people eat at Passover - The Seder Plate


Please create a poster about the Seder meal and explain what each food represents. This is included in the Powerpoint or a more detailed version is linked below. 


Estimated Time - 30 Minutes


Topic Task - Monday 23rd March 


Please begin to find out about the Jewish festival of Passover. Today children could complete the 'Diamond 9' activity thinking about what is important to Jewish people. Using the photographs provided children think about which is the most important (placing this at the top), less important photographs go towards the bottom.


Children can choose to do this as a cut and stick activity, write brief descriptions or draw their own pictures. 


Estimated Time - 30 Minutes