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WC 27/04/20

Topic Task (Family Friday- Friday 1st May)


Every Friday we would like families to come together and spend some quality time together. Please use your imagination but possible activities include:


Baking - learning a new recipe

Build a den

Create an obstacle course in your garden or house

Re-write the lyrics to your favourite song

Learn a dance!


If none of these are suitable here is a list of 101 activities we have found. You may be need to be selective! 

Topic Task - Thursday 30th April


Today's question: Can all animals hear? 


Do you think that all animals can hear? Why? Why not? Why do you think it is important for animals to hear? Share your thoughts with someone in your home. (3 mins)


Click on the link to watch a video about how different animals hear: If you cannot access the link then type into youtube: How do animals hear? 


Investigation: Use the internet or books to find out whether birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish have ears, and how these compare to a mammal’s ears. You can present your findings in any way that you find appealing e.g. powerpoint, a poster, a leaflet, a video is entirely up to you!


Are there any animals who have a very unusual way of hearing? 


A few good websites to use: 


Estimated time: 50 mins

Topic Task - Wednesday 29th April


Bonjour les enfants!


Please click the document below to find your task from Madame Reynard. 




Topic Task - Tuesday 28th April


Today's question: How can we use air to make music? 


Below is a picture of an orchestra. In an orchestra, many different instruments play together to make one beautiful piece of music. But which of these instruments do you think use air to make their own sound? 


Watch the following video:  

If you cannot access the link then please type into youtube: How do woodwind intruments make sound?


Choose one of the activities below: 


1. Create a information leaflet answering the question above and explaining what you have learnt from the video about woodwind instruments


2. Make your own wind instrument using straws (check picture below). What happens to the sound when the length of the straw changes? 


Orchestra - which instruments do you think use air to make their sound?

Musical Wind Instruments

Topic Task - Monday 27th April


Hello scientists! This week, we are continuing to learn about SOUND.

Today's question: How can we change the pitch of a plucked note?


Watch the following video and stop at 01:18: 



Can you create your own string instrument using a box or baking tin and some elastic bands?

Have a look at the images below to help you.  

Once you have made your instrument, pluck your elastic bands. What do you notice about the sound?

Think about how you can change the pitch of your notes. What could you do? 


Send us images of your instruments!