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WC 27/04/20

English Task - Friday 1st May


Happy Friday! You have one final challenge in order to become a Grammar Guru!


If possible, have a go at completing an online quiz to test your grammar knowledge from this week. We are trying something new so please forgive us if this does not work (we have tested it, so fingers crossed!) 


You can access the quiz by clicking on this link: 




You can go to the kahoot website and type in the game pin: 06049268 


We hope it works and that you have fun playing.

Good Luck! 


Activity: Can you create your own grammar quiz? You could make it online or with paper and pens.


Estimated time: 40 mins

English Task - Thursday 30th April


We are half way through our Grammar week and you are close to becoming a Guru! 

Today's task will focus on...pronouns


Before we focus on pronouns,  we want to test your knowledge of other word classes. In your home learning book, can you begin by sorting the words (below- resource 1) into three columns: adjectives, nouns, verbs. Extra challenge: Can you add one of your own words into each column? (5 mins)


Pronouns are words which replace nouns. Instead of saying- 'Mr Stevens went to the shop. Mr Stevens bought 12 cakes.' We could say- 'Mr Stevens went to the shop. He bought 12 cakes.' 

Look at the Pronoun Poster below to see main pronouns (resource 2). Can you add a column in your book for pronouns. (3 mins)


If possible, watch the video on BBC Bitesize for a fun explanation. Click this link to access: If the link doesn't work, please type: 'What is a pronoun? BBC ' into google. (2 mins)


Must: Complete the word class sorting challenge mentioned above, in your book. 


Should: Complete task- Miss McMaster has been writing a story but is getting confused and keeps repeating her nouns! Can you read the paragraph of writing  (resource 3) and change some of the repeated nouns into pronouns so that it makes sense? You can either write this down or ask someone to record you saying your edited paragraph and send us a video. (25 mins)


Could: Instead of always using the pronouns- her and she for the queen, could you think of a few different ways to refer to her? For example, the noble woman, the feared ruler, the dangerous leader. This makes the writing more interesting and exciting.

English Task - Wednesday 29th April


"Speech marks, inverted commas, quotation marks...what's the difference?" shouted Miss McMaster.


"There isn't one! They are all the same thing. People have different names for them but they are all types of punctuation that show when someone is speaking," replied Mr Thompson. 


In today's lesson we are recapping the rules that we have learnt in school about speech marks. We learnt about this in March so hopefully you will feel fairly confident. Use the poster below to help you recall the rules. 


Must: Choose a fictional book in your house. Can you use the poster to spot if the author has used the rules for speech correctly? 


Should: Copy up to 6 of the sentences below into your home learning book. Can you put in the missing speech marks? Look out for other punctuation mistakes- are all the commas in the correct place?


Could: Create your own poster, piece of art or powerpoint to display the rules for using speech marks. 


Estimate Time: 45 mins


English Task - Tuesday 28th April


We realise that the lessons for English this week rely more heavily on online resources. Please do not worry if this is causing issues - do as much as your family are able to do. The important thing is that children understand the content of the lesson, however this achieved.


In today's lesson we are learning how to use apostrophes to replace a missing letter in a word. We call this a contraction e.g. is not becomes isn't


MUST: In your home learning book, write down a list of contractions. Give yourself a time limit- how many can you think of? 


SHOULD: Go onto BBC Bitesize website to watch a video about contractions and play a game to test your knowledge. Use this link: 

If it doesn't work, please type into google: 'BBC bitesize how to use apostrophes in contractions'. The page should be the first one. 


COULD: Can you use paper to create your own contraction flip book like the images below? 


Additional resources: We have also attached an image of common contractions to help you. Can you use the sheet to challenge your family?

Additional Resource: Common Contractions Poster

English Task - Monday 27th April


This week you will focus on becoming a Grammar Guru


Today's lesson is all about apostrophes.

Apostrophes have two main functions: to show that something belongs to someone (possession) and to replace a missing letter in a word (contraction).


Today's lesson will focus on apostrophes with possession


Please watch this video to help explain the rules when using apostrophes for possession. 

If the link doesn't work, please try writing: Punctuation: Using apostrophes to show singular & plural possession (KS2) into youtube and the video should come up. 



Must: Choose one of the pages below to complete based on your confidence (1, 2 and 3 star)

Could: Do all three!

Challenge: Create a game for your family or friends to challenge them on apostrophes with possession.