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WC 30/03/20

Topic Task (Family Friday- Friday 3rd April)


Every Friday we would like families to come together and spend some quality time together. Please use your imagination but possible activities include:


Play a board game

Make something together


Build a den

Watch a film together 


You could even put together your own family talent show - all the teachers are missing our annual talent show this week! 


Topic Task - Thursday 2nd April 


Please continue to find out about the Easter story use all online resources. Children could even do some research into the Easter traditions (Chocolate Eggs, Hot Cross Buns, Easter Bonnets) Children can display their work however they would like:


Information Poster


Drama - annotate photos


Spider Diagram


Estimated Time - 30 - 45 Minutes


Additional Easter Resources

PHSE Task - Wednesday 1st April 


Please (with the permission of an adult) cook a healthy lunch for yourself (this could be a whole family activity). We would like you to think about the nutrients in your lunch.

Draw a picture of your lunch and make a list of the the various nutrients. e.g.


Ham Sandwich


Ham - protein

Brown Bread - carbs and fibre

Butter - fat 


Estimated Time - 30 Minutes


Topic Task - Tuesday 31st March 


Please continue to find out about the Christian festival of Easter. Today children should complete a colouring sheet on one of the Easter scenes they could then either annotate this or do some further online research in preparation for later on in the week. 


Estimated Time - 30 Minutes


Topic Task - Monday 30th March 


Please begin to find out about the Christian festival of Easter. Today children could complete the sequencing activity. Children to cut out the pictures and captions about the Easter story and stick in the correct order.


Alternatively children could draw simple pictures and write captions.


Estimated Time - 30 Minutes