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Week 1

Week 1- Getting started
Picture 1 We were given all the equipment we will need.
Picture 2 This week we need to set up the tank!
Picture 3 We met Tappers, our guide for the course.
Picture 4 We washed the gravel.
Picture 5 Then put in in the tank.
Picture 6 We spread it around the bottom of the tank.
Picture 7 Keep going!
Picture 8 And going!
Picture 9 It looks great!
Picture 10 We watched the video many times!
Picture 11 James added the plant.
Picture 12 There's the heater!
Picture 13 We added the water and this special conditioner.
Picture 14 Here is our aquarium! All set up but no fish yet.
Picture 15 Working hard!
Picture 16 So focused!
Picture 17 Examples of our work.
Picture 18 Examples of our work.
Picture 19 Examples of our work.
Picture 20 Examples of our work.
Picture 21 Examples of our work.
Picture 22 Our fishkeeper of the week is Molly! Well done!