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Week 11

Monday 22nd June - Thinking Task T9

Too many or too few?

Monday 22nd June 

Now watch this bbc video clip about tally charts and create your own tally with your actual answers to the thinking task activity above.

Example tally chart

Tuesday 23rd June

Watch the bbc clip about block diagrams (link below) then create your own using the information from yesterday (in your tally chart).

Home objects block diagram

And/or you could create a block diagram with a dice

Wednesday 24th June - sorting activity

Look at the different houses (links below). Discuss with an adult what you notice. What is the same about the houses? What is different? How might you sort the houses? Why - can you explain your reasoning? How many groups would you use? Can you sort them a different way with different criteria? Would you need more or fewer groups?

Parents - it might make sorting easier if you can print out and cut up the different houses. If not, maybe you or your child could draw a similar set of houses on a piece of paper or post-it notes maybe. 


Thursday 25th June

Watch the bbc clip about pictograms (link below). Then have a go at completing and/or creating your own pictogram about eggs or ice creams!

Complete a pictogram

Complete a pictogram

Friday 26th June

Complete some mathletics tasks and this mastery check to see how much you have mastered this week!

Statistics Mastery Check