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Week 4

Lesson 4 - 30.4.20 Please choose a comprehension to complete. (1 star are easiest, 3 stars most challenging)

Shape Poem examples - Lesson 3 - 29.4.20


ENGLISH -  Create your own shape poem about a subject of your choice.

Look at and read the example shape poems and then create your own shape poem about a subject of your choice.

  1.  Choose a title for your poem
  2. Do a spider diagram of words which come into your head when you think of your subject.
  3. Add adjectives. (Can you think of any alliteration?)
  4. Do any of your words rhyme? ( This might help when you decide how to layout your poem)
  5. Have fun writing your own shape poem. You can use single words (like in your 'Rocket poem') shape words (Like in 'The Shape I'm In) or you can write short phrases.
  6. Don't forget to send a photo of your poem to Mrs Burns and Mrs Brand. 



Shape poem example


Mrs Brand plans her Spider Shape poem.

Mrs Brand’s spider poem 🕷

Shape poetry - Lesson 2 - 28.4.20

Lesson 2 – Rocket Shape poems


Can you look up and read some shape poems with an adult? If you didn’t know the title of the poem, would you be able to guess by looking at the shape the poem has been written in?

Which is your favourite?

Create your own version of David Horner’s  ‘Rocket poem’ using a different title. Write a different word in each compartment. You could choose ‘Sweets rocket’ or a ‘Food and Drink’ or ‘Animals Rocket’. Try to find a good word to write in the smoke and flames coming from the rockets rockets! Decorate your rocket to fit its title.

Week 4 - Shape Poetry - Lesson 1 (27.4.20) The Shape I'm In

Read the poem ‘The Shape I’m In’.

What do you notice about the way it is written and the shapes of the words?


Plan a performance of the poem (You can ask members of your family to help and read lines with you.) Which lines will you say altogether? Which lines will be spoken individually? How will you emphasise words? Add actions to your poem if you can and perform it to someone or ask someone to video you.


Choose 4 words from the poem to copy thinking about the shape of the words. Can you think of your own word to make into a picture or shape word?