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Week 8

Summer Week 1

This week, we will be learning about shapes.


Monday 1st June

Remind yourself of all the different 2D shapes – can you remember them all?


1. Draw some different 2D shapes in your book (remember to use a ruler) and describe them - how many sides and how many vertices do they each have?


2. Have a go at Thinking Task 18 (photocopied sheet) – In great shape


  • Use your imagination to draw some pictures using different shapes (don't forget to use a ruler!)
  • Label the different shapes you have used
  • As an extension, you could cut out some different shapes and put them together to create your own picture. Don’t forget to label them!


3. Finally, if you have time, what different 2D shapes can you make using 6 toothpicks (or little sticks of roughly the same size)? Can you make a 3 sided shape? A 4 sided shape? What is a 5 sided shape called? And a 6 sided shape?

  • Shape SongLearn your 2D shapes with the help of this catchy song!

Tuesday 2nd June

1. Today we would like you to look at different windows and their shapes (Thinking Task T21) and work out which shapes are the most popular - why? 

Look at the windows on your sheet but you might also want to think about the windows in your own home and maybe ones you can see across the road!


2. Take a look at the different shapes on the 'What's the same? What's different?' sheet. Compare the 2 shapes - what do you notice?


Please complete the above tasks in your home learning books.


Tuesday 2nd June - Thinking Task T21

Thinking Task T21

What's the same? What's different?

Wednesday 3rd June - Symmetry

  • SymmetryWhat makes a shape symmetrical?

Wednesday 3rd June - Thinking Tasks T22 and T24

Thinking Task T22

Thinking Task T24

Thursday 4th June - Shape investigation

Friday 5th June - Test your understanding!