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Week 8

Week 8- How do fish breed and what have we learnt?

Throughout our 8 week programme of Fishkeeper Fry, we have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to be great fish keepers.


We loved turning our aquariums lights on for the first time, completing our worksheets from Tappers and naming all our fish!


Here are all the names of our fish:


Danios- Speedy, Kobe, Marty, Danny, Stripe and Pickles.

Platies- Nigel, Rosie, Jessica and Patricia(RIP).

Rasboras- Harley, Rainbow, Colours, Coral, Mia and Jimmy.

Corys- Bait and Hook.

Honey Gouramis- Honey, Sunshine and Sean.

Bristlenose Plec- Mr Bristlenose


Baby Platies- Buddy, Timmy and Nemo.


Thank you Fishkeeper Fry!

This week's Fish Keeper of the Week goes to...


Everybody in Elm Class!

(Miss Morris could not pick just one)