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Weeks 5 and 6 - Science Plants


The Apprentice Gardener - Lesson 1 - 5th May 2020 Complete the seed identification and description sheet before trying task 1 on the growing plants investigation sheet.

The Apprentice Gardener - Lesson 2 - 6th May - Watch and discuss the power point ‘What do seeds need to grow?' Watch the KS1 bitesize clips following the link below and then complete the quiz. Have fun creating a 'What seeds need to grow' poster.

The Apprentice Gardener -Lesson 3 - 7th May 2020 Complete plant growth prediction and plant growth sequencing sheets. (If you have a seed at home, you could plant it in a clear plastic cup/ bottom of a squash bottle so you can watch it germinate.)

Tuesday 12th May - Lifecycle of a plant worksheet

Please write a sentence to describe each stage of the life cycle.

Wednesday 13th May - Label the parts of a plant worksheet.

Thursday 14th May - Try to complete the ‘Plants and Flowers Hunt’ worksheet. Draw and label one of the plants you find.