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At STOKENCHURCH we recognise that everyone’s wellbeing and mental health continue to be under pressure, so this week is our well-being week in the lead up to half term. You will find remote learning activities (hopefully) a little more relaxing, mindful and calming – hugely important for mums and dads as well as children. 

We look forward to seeing you each morning at 9am for our daily zoom lesson. Below is an outline of our planned activities for the week. We really hope you enjoy them. (Please see the timetable for suggested timings).



Friday 12th February - Join us at 9am for our Fun Friday Fancy Dress Zoom! Wear a dressing up costume of your choice or your favourite top and don't forget to bring along the hat you made earlier in the week. We're looking forward to an hour of songs, games and jokes with you all. We are also hoping to do some craft and create a 'hearts' card so please bring along coloured paper or card, scissors, glue and felt tips if you have them.


  • Choose some activities from our Well-Being ideas chart before joining us at 1pm for our 'Celebration Assembly Zoom'. Bring along a favourite picture, model or activity which you have enjoyed during the week.




Which activities will you choose to complete this week?

  1. Write a letter to a friend, telling them about things that have been going well for you recently. Could you include some photos or draw a picture for them?


2) Think of a gift that you could give to somebody. Can you draw or

make something that will make them smile?


3) Do a fun maths activity


(see the maths learning link)

4) Get some slips of paper and write something nice about a friend or family member and

then give it to them.


5) Do a project about something you love that you can share with friends. (A sport, hobby, place, person)


6) Build a lego model


7) Make a list of all of the things that you are grateful for. Could you show these on the petals of a flower drawing or the coloured stripes of a rainbow painting?


8) Keep a record of your wellbeing each day. Make a note of how you are feeling, and things you are looking forward to.


9) Make a list of things which you have achieved


10) Paint something which makes you happy


11) Lay on the ground and look at the clouds.

Do they look like any pictures or patterns? Could you draw a picture of some of them?


12) Dance! Put on your favourite song and dance along.



13) Try some exercise. You could go for a walk, follow a workout or

yoga video (e.g. Cosmic Kids)

14) Get outside. Go for a walk and try to look for different plants and animals. Could you make a note of which ones you see or draw a

picture of some of them?


15) Sing the lyrics to your favourite pop song or simply sing your

favourite nursery rhyme to yourself.


16) Put on some calming music and colour in some colouring pages.


17) Write a story. Use ideas from your favourite stories or the

things that are around you right now.

18) Use construction toys, building blocks or junk modelling

materials to make something!



19) Laugh! Share some favourite jokes with friends or watch a funny cartoon or video.


20) Make a scrapbook or a collage to show things that make you

smile or things that you are proud of.


Thursday 11th February - At 9am join our Well-being zoom where we will be singing, playing games and looking at 'What Makes us Calm?' Bring along some paper and some coloured pencils, felt tip pens or paints if you can. You might like to choose one of the 'calm' or 'happy' worksheets to print and colour. There are 6 to choose from.

The Carnival of the Animals: The Aquarium

Listen to the calming music 'The Aquarium' by Camille Saint-Saëns from ' The Carnival of the Animals' whilst you do your colouring.

Thursday 11th February

  • At 9am join our Well-being zoom where we will be singing, playing games and looking at 'What Makes us Calm?' Bring along some paper and some coloured pencils, felt tip pens or paints if you can.


  • After break, can you write a card or draw a picture for someone in your family, or a friend to say thank you to them for something they have done for you or choose another activity from our well-being activity chart.


  • At 11.30am, join Mrs Brand for a Storytime Zoom. Bring a comfy cushion or a favourite cuddly toy and get ready for a relaxing, end of the morning story.


  • Go for an afternoon family walk and see if you can spot something from every colour of the rainbow.


  • Enjoy Frau Reynard' German video lesson.


Thursday's German lesson with Frau Reynard

KS1 German, "The Sandwich swap," story.

Wednesday 10th February - Well-being zoom lesson. 9am-10am.

Today we will be reading a story and designing our own worry monsters. You can keep making your worry monster after the zoom lesson. We'd love to see photos. Please bring an envelope or empty tissue box/ shoe box if you have one. If not some plain paper will be fine.

After break, enjoy joining in with a Cosmic yoga or the Pirates yoga story. You can then enjoy another activity from our Well-being ideas chart.

Wednesday afternoon.

Remember to join in with the Bucks Music Trust music zoom session at 2pm. (Follow the zoom link in the parent mail)

Tuesday 9th February - Zoom 9-10am

WELLBEING ZOOM  Today we're going to ask What makes us happy? We will then create a happiness tree. We will show you how to draw a tree but if you'd prefer you could print off the tree template below. You might like to bring some paint, coloured pens or coloured pencils along to the session.

Example trees for ideas and a tree template in case you would like to use it.

Mrs Brand’s happiness trees

How to make kids paper hat | diy | easy craft for kids

Design and make a hat which you can wear to our Fun Fancy Dress Zoom this Friday. you might like to use the below video to give you some ideas.

Design and make a hat which you can wear in our Fun Friday fancy dress zoom this week.smiley

Tuesday afternoon. Go for a family walk, do a Go Noodle dance or choose an activity from the Well-being activity list. Have fun and don't forget to send us a photo.

Follow the below 'Useful links' to access Go Noodle and lots of other useful links.

Monday 8th February - Today we want to give you a chance to express yourself through ways that make you feel good. Join our zoom lesson and see the links below for more information.

EXPRESS YOURSELF -   You can choose how...

Write a poem, sing a song, build something from lego, draw a picture or do some baking. Have lots of fun and don't forget to send a photo for our Year 2 well-being collage.

  • Go for a walk or play in your garden - Getting fresh air is extremely important for your wellbeing. Whilst you are on your walk see how many different birds you can spot. 


  • A Wellbeing activity - complete a well-being activity from the list below. We hope there is something there which you will enjoy. smiley
  • Music - Garsington Opera Monday Mini Motivation  -  join in with this session!


  • Relaxing Reading - Grab a good book, find a comfortable and quiet spot and start reading to end your day. Can you complete one of the challenges on your 'Reading Challenge' bookmark? Click here to get to the Virtual School Library