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Wk 11.1.21



Week commencing 11th January



Monday 11th January (part 1)


LO: To create a title page for our new topic of Rivers.


What do you already know about rivers? What questions do you have about rivers?


Thinking about the above, create your 'Rivers' title page, including what you know already and what you would like to find out.


Feel free to use coloured pencils/felt pens to create a colourful and interesting title page.


Monday 11th January (part 2)


LO: To understand the water cycle.


In this lesson we will be learning about the Water Cycle.

Watch this video:


Read through this water cycle PowerPoint (available below) slowly, to make sure you understand each step of the water cycle.



Using the Powerpoint to help you, you must draw and label a picture of the water cycle. You should explain each part in a short paragraph. You could explain the process of the water cycle in detail using correct geographical vocabulary.

Here is a template if you need one: Geography Water cycle pic.png



Tuesday 12th January


LO: To understand where rivers are in the world.


In this lesson we will be learning about rivers around the world. We will also be learning the names of some parts of a river.


Key Vocabulary: mouth, source, meander


Click on the link below to access the lesson.



Thursday 14th January


LO: To understand the journey of a river.


In today's lesson we will be learning about the different parts of a river with Miss Morris.


Key Vocabulary: mouth, tributary, meander, delta, source, spring, floodplain, ox bow lake, confluence


Please click on this link to access Geography with Miss Morris. (Feel free to pause/rewatch the video when completing your task).





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