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Wk 18.1.21

Week commencing 18th January


Monday 18th January 

LO: To research a river.


This week we would like you to do some research on a famous river.


After you have completed your research, you will work on presenting your work as a fact file about the river that you have based your research on. A fact file is a short report of the most important information about a subject.


Have a look at these example of fact files. Can you make a list of the features they include? For example, title, pictures, etc.




Choose one of the following rivers to research:

Thames River, Mississippi River, Rhine River, Yangtze River, Ganges River, Nile River, Amazon River


Once you have decided which river you would like to research, you can start to search for information in books or on the internet. Write down your information in a notebook or on a piece of paper.


Here are some links to get your started:


Tuesday 19th January

LO: To collate my facts into subheadings


In the last lesson, we asked you to research a river. Hopefully you were able to gather quite a bit of information about your chosen river.


Today we would like you to go through your notes and sort them into subheadings.

Here are some ideas of what your subheadings could be:


  • Location (which country/countries the river flows through)
  • Length/Width
  • Animal life
  • Vegetation
  • History
  • Interesting facts

Choose a different colour for each of your subheadings. Then go through your notes underlining each bit of information with the appropriate colour.


Now think about how you would like to present your fact file. Have a look at the examples of fact files from the last lesson.


On a piece of paper make a rough plan of how you will present your fact file by labelling sections and indicating where you will include pictures.



Thursday 21st January

LO: To write a fact file.


Today we would like you to write out your fact file.


Referring to the plan you made in the previous lesson as well as your research notes, create your fact file by writing down your information in full sentences (full stops and capital letters).


Remember to add pictures!


Take your time to make sure you present your work clearly and neatly.