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Wk 25.1.21

Wednesday 27th January


Puzzle 3: Dreams and Goals

Piece 2: To identify a dream/ambition that is important to me. 

Begin by going through the ‘Calm me script’ available below. If possible, have someone read it out to you.


Task 1: Click on the link below to watch a short video.


After watching the video, discuss it by answering the following questions:


Who is the lady written about in the book (also reading the story!)?

What were her dreams and goals?

How did she achieve them?

This story shows us that dreams and goals can come true and become real.


Task 2: What are your dreams and goals?


Download the flower template (available below). Or you can draw your own flower if you would like.

What do you think a flower has to do with dreams and goals?


Plants grow from tiny seeds, so we can imagine that our dreams and goals are seeds that we can plant now and watch them grow in the future.


Think carefully about your own dreams and goals and draw or write them on the petals of your flower.

In the centre of the flower, draw a picture of yourself when you have achieved one of your dreams.