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Wk 6.1.21

Week commencing 5th January:


Here is the English work we shall be covering this week. Please complete a lesson every day.



Lesson 1 

Please complete this reading comprehension. Read through the text carefully and then answer the questions.

Lesson 2

Look carefully at this picture and write down words about this person. Who are they? What words could you use to describe them? 

Write down your ideas.

Once you have written your ideas we need to start thinking about building up the character. To do this we can ask more questions. Think about and answer these questions:

  • What do you think his house is like?
  • What job does he do?
  • How old is he?
  • How do we know? 
  • Is he good or evil? 
  • Why do we think this?  

This gives us a clearer picture of who this character is. Write down some more ideas.


Lesson 3


Have a look at this powerpoint presentation on Powerful Adjectives. Complete the activities as you go through it. You could also create a word bank of powerpoint adjectives to use in the future.


Can you add any powerful adjectives to your ideas from yesterday's lesson?


Please also complete this spelling work so you are ready for your spelling test next week. (PDF versions available below). New Spellings for this term can be found here.