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Please email us work that your child is especially proud of!

We look forward to displaying lots of WOW work here

Sam's Cubist Mask!

Anthony's Fantastic Cubist Artwork

Daisy's Incredible Cubist Artwork

Fantastic Cubist Self Portrait's by Chloe (Hazel) and Chloe (Holly)

Agent Sneaky Completing her Spy Research in Style

Wanted: Elegant Swan, Poster By Luna Cat

Agent Unicorn showing Perfect Perseverance during a Difficult Mission

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Luna Cat- but can you break her code?

Welcoming Special Agent Descendant and her Top Gadget Watch

Rustling Hedgehog Showing Great Agility and Speed

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Agent Stripey and his Gadget

Diamond Ladybug and her gadgets

Agent Danger- he's not afraid!

Master of Movement: Agent Crane

First you see him, then you don't... The Shadow

Sensationally Smart: Detective H

Mission Complete: Wolf Scout

Agile and Able: Spy Bean's Mission Complete

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A Strong and Stylish Spy Ready for Action

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A Successful Mission

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An Impressive Mission Completed: Commander Chopper 128

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Please note: Some of the obstacles in this mission are only to be completed with permission from their Agents (Parents)

Ruthless Recruit: Rustling Hedgehog

An Excellent Recruit: Sneaky Snake

Terrific Teamwork from Spies: Red Wolf and Bunny Wolf

Watch out for one of our newest recruits: Spy Bean

A Stealthy New Recruit: Diamond Ladybug

Superbly Sly: Secret Squirrel

Alex Rider: Unbelievable Act by Alyssa

Eisa's Book Cover for his Alex Rider Mission- bold image and strong colours

Charlotte's Explanation Text on Climate Change

Avani's Super Rainforest Report

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Jack's Project on the Black Headed Spider Monkey

Noah's Fantastic Amur Leopard Project

Anthony's Creative Rainforest Project

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Sam's Amazing Angel Shark Powerpoint

Chloe's (Hazel) Superb Panda Project

Owain's Endangered Gorilla Poster

A Fun but Informative Message about Deforestation

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BBC News with Jessie Attenborough

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BBC News with Eisa - Top Story: Rainforests

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Chloe G's Powerful Shadow Puppet Images for Deforestation

Aiden's Spaghetti Challenge- can you spot which edible item he has used for the connectors?

Finley's Deforestation Poster

Environmental Issues Poster by James

Charlotte's Environmental Impact Video

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I am a White Bunny by Eisa

Anthony's Poem- listen to his great rhyme!

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Home with Daisy

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Daisy Identifying Leaves

Fatimah's Poem and Lovely Illustration

Struggling with the chocolate challenge in maths? Try Olivia's method; use coins to represent children!

Red Kite by Jessie. Which would you choose?

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Finley's Phenomenal Acrostic Poem about his Dog

Libby's Meerkat Thought Bank- amazing adjectives!

Harry's Fantastic First Person Panda Poem

Olivia's PSHE task- where are your characteristics from?

Evie's Excellent 'thought bank' for her animal. Great use of the five senses, adjectives and similes!

Please Mrs Butler Read By Avani

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Eisa's Fantastic Poetry Performance

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Ava's Invertebrate Poster- excellent classifying!

Daisy (Hazel) At The Zoo

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The Tyger by William Blake. Performed by Owain

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The Question’ by Allan Ahlberg. Performed by Charlotte

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My Favourite Couch by Fatimah

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Halfway Down By Thomas (Holly)

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Who has seen the Wind? By Jessie

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Daisy's card for her dogs

Giraffe - An acrostic poem by Noah

Performance Poetry! A superb effort!

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Eisa's homemade card for Popcorn the Rabbit!

Chloe G's (Holly) amazing acrostic poem about ... poems!

Fatimah's fabulous play script writing- on her birthday!

Harry (Hazel) Built his own chair from wood - WOW!

Freya (Hazel) Brilliant Design!

Finley (Hazel) Amazing Art Work!

Daisy (Hazel) Creative Chair Collage!

Charlotte (Hazel) Extra Maths Work! (see link below for super website)

Anthony (Hazel) Amazing Art Work!

Sam R (Hazel) Matchstick Char Collage

Hassan (Holly) Great Maths Work!

Fatimah (Holly) Up, Up and Away story!

Ava (Holly) 3D shape den making!

James (Holly) Amazing Art Work!

Avani (Holly) Super problem solving!

Chloe (Holly) The Hungry Caterpillar Chair!

Finley (Hazel) Rock Legend Status!

Chloe C (Hazel) David Walliams Themed Chair - WOW!

Erin (Hazel) Enjoying VE day with her sister!

Noah M (Hazel) Super Library Area Ideas!

Anthony (Hazel) Horrible History Themed Chair - WOW!

Daisy (Hazel) Amazing Art Work!

Anthony (Hazel) Marvellous Mood Board!

Jessie (Hazel) Amazing 'Up' Story!

Anthony (Hazel) Great Descriptive Writing!

Fatimah's (Holly) persistent problem solving. Who knew there were so many teeth in Stokenchurch Primary!

Chloe's (Holly) beautiful postcard for PSHE about what she is missing

Charlotte (Hazel) Egg-celent NHS Egg Art

Florence (Hazel) House sketch complete with Netball Post (What Else?)

Fatimah's fabulous drawing of her house!

Anthony (Hazel) Divine dream catcher showing relationships

Charlotte (Hazel) Ready to join the band!

Noah G (Hazel) Super Science work!

Olivia's (Holly) inventive contraction matching game- what a good idea!

Sam (Hazel) has been making music!

Emma's (Hazel) Excellent Homemade Musical Instruments!

Myla's been busy- look at the beautiful tyre caterpillar that she built in her garden!

Chloe's published book- 'The Killer Cat Visits the Library'

Welcoming... "Jonny Shades Smith" playing the Elastic Band Lindicator!

Sonny's Elastic Band Instrument!

Finley (Hazel) Author in the making - please enjoy the story below!

Noah M (Hazel) Super Science Work!

Fatimah (Holly) Amazing Killer Cat Sequel!

Avani (Holly) Super story sequel!

Ava (Holly) Beautifully presented shape work!

Eisa (Holly) Wonderful family tree!

Chloe (Holly) Colourful maths board game - Well Done!

Fatimah (Holly) Work very hard in Maths - Well Done!

Avani (Holly) Lovely family tree

Hassan (Holly) Handwriting is always important in Year 4

OUR WORLD - EASTER PROJECT (Please continue to email photos of your wonderful creations)

Hassan's (Holly) Maths Work - all 3 challenges!

Anthony (Hazel) Creative English Work!

Jessie-Mae (Hazel) Developing her gardening skills!

Freya (Hazel) Wonderful Wanted Poster!

Finley (Hazel) Fabulous Board Game - When can I buy one?

Daisy (Hazel) Fanatastic Judaism Project - Synagogue Shaped!

Anthony (Hazel) Developing throwing and Maths skills! 180!

Livvy (Holly) Breaking News from 'The Livvy Times'

Harry (Hazel) Ferocious Feline Picture - Super!

Hayley (Holly) Factual Topic Work - Well Done!

Hassan (Holly) Marvellous Maths Work!

Owain (Holly) Enjoying our Anne Fine study

Thomas (Holly) Proud of his Maths work on decimals

Daisy (Hazel) £500 Reward - Keep your eyes peeled everyone!

Anthony (Hazel) Terrific Tuffy Description!

Charlotte (Hazel) Perfect Passover Poster!

Daisy (Hazel) Fantastic Recount!

Owain's Incredible Powerpoint for his RE project about Passover

Sam R's (Hazel) Wonderful Recount!

Finley's Excellent Recount!

Chloe's (Holly) Fantastic Recount! Can you find the key features of a recount in her writing?

Olivia's Painting for PSHE- she's feeling excited!

Lawson's incredible handwriting and a lovely proud smile!

Detailed description from Florence (Hazel) - WOW can't wait to read some finished recounts


I can smell sweat dripping from the other contestants bodies.  I can hear the crowd roaring for who they want to win .  I can feel the laces slowly coming undone on my running shoes and I can taste the sugar from my energy drink I had drunk to keep me going.

Daisy (Hazel) Amazing feelings poster for PSHE!

Freya (Hazel) Very happy with her Maths home learning

Oliver (Holly) Completing maths before 8am! #Dedicated

Daisy (Holly) Proud of her hard work in Maths

Very Neat Handwriting from Noah (Hazel) Well Done!

James (Holly) has been completing excellent work highlighting the key features of a recount!

Chloe's Poster about the Key Features of a Recount

Evie's (Holly) Amazing Recount Poster

Hayley's (Holly) Brilliant Diamond 9

Rock Hero WOW!