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Welcome to our Home Learning Page. You will find everything you need on here and in your Home Learning Packs.

We hope you are keeping busy and we miss you all! 

If you have any questions or queries please email us on:

We would also love to see/ hear what you have been up to.

Please continue to look out for a call from a member of the Year 1 team, we look forward to catching up with everybody.



Please see the 'English' tab for each daily task to be completed in your home learning books.


Please check out the 'Maths' tab for each daily task. Each day there is a practical task to get you started and warmed up before moving on to a task in your Busy Ants booklets. On a Friday, it will be time for a 'Challenge!'.


We have given a sound each day on the timetable and have pointed you in the direction of an activity. Please also choose activities from the websites below. We particularly recommend Phonics Play - revise phase 2, 3 and 3 for revision and phase 5 for current sounds. Great games include 'Treasure and Trash' and 'Flash Cars'. You can even practise your Tricky Words on 'Tricky Word Trucks'.


Each child has also got their own handwriting book and pack. We have allocated one page per week to be practised on the pack and also in the handwriting book (we recommend 1 page per word in the handwriting book). You can find a copy of the week's page under the 'Handwriting' tab.


We have sent each child home with a selection of three reading books. These have all been signed out per child and remain the property of the school and are required to be returned when we are back in school. Please make use of your own books as well where possible. We have allocated two reading slots within the timetable, we would recommend daily reading as well.

You may have noticed some teachers have recorded their own stories and remakes; you can find these under 'Bedtime Stories' on the Home Learning page.


Our first topic is Kings and Queens where we have provided a pack. We will signpost you to which pages to do on the timetable. There are some PowerPoints which can be accessed on the 'Topic' tab.

Creative Activity

Choose a creative activity from the document linked above.


Please take ideas from the pack in your child’s folder. Also useful YouTube videos are GoNoodle and Cosmic Kids Yoya. Joe Wicks is also going live each day at 9am and Mr Williams is also making his own PE videos!


Frau Reynard has been busy preparing some German for you to practise. Please find this under the 'German' tab. Little and often works well!

Useful Links



VE Day Celebrations

Ideas for Easter/ Spring Crafts to do at home