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Year 5

Please note that the dates on the spellings found above are wrong by one week. Our first test will take place on 27th April, and we will be completing the 20th April words (fer + suffix).

Year 5 Homework 

Set: 06/05/2021     Due: 11/05/2021


English: Practising Language 9 a, b and c (pages 33 and 34) - Become a proof reader


Maths: Work has been assigned via Mathletics. Pupils will have received their login details in school and stuck these details into their Homework Diaries. Children can access the website via the following link:


Timed Maths Skills Quick Fire Practice - Click here


Please ensure you continue to support your child's maths homework as they access this it via this online resource. Note any support needed or technical difficulties within their homework diary.


Please note that the expectation is that pupils still spend 10 minutes a day on Times Tables and spellings practise.