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Welcome to Year 5's Home Learning Page


Welcome to the week Year 5, and we are getting so close to our return where we can all see each other again! The staff cannot wait to welcome you all back next week.


Please remember that in addition to the daily Zoom live lessons, there will be a video lesson uploaded to accompany either Maths or English, recorded by a member of the Year 5 team. These will be uploaded the day before the lesson ready for you to watch and listen to before you complete the independent activity - make sure you check back regularly so you don't miss them. You can also use the comments section under the videos to ask any questions or share your ideas (these will be closely monitored so make sure your comments are appropriate).


 Please continue to keep a close eye on the Live Lessons page which, unlike the rest of the home learning, which is updated weekly, will be updated daily.


There is a new timetable in Weekly Timetables and all the subject pages have been updated with this week's activities. Please continue to check this page regularly for any key updates.


As we are continuing to offer daily Zoom lessons, which most of you attend every day, we will no longer be ringing home regularly. We will continue to contact the families of children we do not see on Zoom or receive emailed work from. If you would like to speak to us about anything, please do get in touch via the email address, and we can arrange a call if necessary.


It is expected that all children learning at home engage with the home learning activities set each week, and we are asking children to send examples of some of the activities they have completed to the Year 5 email address. If there are children or families we do not hear from, one of the Year 5 staff will get in touch to find out how you are getting on.


World Book Day

Although World Book Day will still be celebrated on Thursday 4th March this year, we wanted to make sure all children could enjoy a World Book Day experience in school when we return. We are therefore hosting a bonus World Book Day full of activities and possibilities for fancy dress when everyone has returned on Thursday 11th March!

A letter with all the relevant details will be sent out via ParentMail but for those who like planning ahead we'd thought you'd like to know the Year 5 chosen book and dress-up theme! We're going with the book: 'My Monster and Me' by Nadiya Hussain.



This is a great book we've used within PSHE this year already and we are hoping to dress up as monsters (primary school appropriate - a little more like 'Monsters Inc') for the day to represent the monsters we may carry with us throughout each and every day.

With many shops closed and finances at a challenging point for many we're hoping that people will get creative with their monster costume or bring in just a small item of fancy dress (a pair of monster ears on a headband maybe!) rather than feeling the need to come in full costume. Though If you wish to find a way to come in full monster mode, we will look forward to seeing it!   


Year group emails are up and running if you want to get in touch to ask questions, say hello, or importantly, share some of the learning you have completed at home. 


Meet the Year 5 staff:

Miss Churn - Year Leader / Larch Class Teacher

Miss Scott - Larch Class Teacher

Mr Birdseye - Lime Class Teacher

Mrs Styles - HLTA / First Aid

Mr Williams - HLTA / First Aid

Mrs Milne - TA

Mr McLaren - TA