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Year 6

Year 6 Homework

Year 6 Homework matrix – Spring Term 1 (World war 2/Letters from the lighthouse)

Choose one of these activities to complete for your English/Topic homework each week.

One activity must be handed to your teacher every Monday. You can complete the activities in any order that you choose.


Fact file

Find out about what

Kindertransport was and create a fact file to share what you’ve learnt.


Write a script between a mother or father (or both) and their children, where they tell them they have to evacuate. Make sure the parents explain fully, are sensitive, and answer all the children’s questions sensitively.


Imagine you had to evacuate your house tomorrow.

Write five things you would

put in your suitcase, and

explain why you have

chosen these things.

Real-life stories

Interview or research a relative, neighbour or family friend who was alive during WW2.  Share their stories in any way you choose. 

WW2 machines

Research the types of military machines used during WW2. (Planes, tanks, ships, trucks) Did the Allies and Axis have similar machines? Present your research in any way you choose.



Balanced Argument (after chapter 15)

Write a balanced argument about whether or not the villagers should help the pilot.

Don’t forget to vary sentence starters: No one can deny, However, It could be argued that, On the other hand.  


Write a poem about any aspect of WW2 or Letters from the Lighthouse that inspires you.

Present it creatively.


Research the history of lighthouses. What role did they play in WW2?

Come up with a creative way to present your research.

Job description

Choose a job that was essential during WW2 (e.g. Lighthouse Keeper, Air Raid Warden, Shop Keeper, Postman, Munition Worker, Fire Watcher) and create a job advert/description: what essential skills would be needed?  What does the job involve?  Hours?