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Year 6

Year 6 Homework

For your homework you will need to:

  • Read at least three times a week and have your homework diary signed
  • Learn spellings
  • Complete Mathletics task
  • Select one item from the list below to complete each week


1. Make a poster or leaflet about Charles Darwin or Alfred Russell Wallace Information you could include: - When and where were they born? - Where did they work? - What were their important scientific discoveries? - When did they die?

2. Make a poster or leaflet about the variation in your family You could include information about: - Eye colour - Ear lobes - Widow’s peak - Double jointed or not - Hair colour Who are you more similar or different to in your family and why?

3. Make a poster or leaflet about variation in one type of pet e.g. dog, cat, horse, guinea pig, rabbit, hamster Information you could include: - Different types of this pet e.g. bulldog, Pitbull, Chihuahua - Variation between these breeds e.g. size, fur, colours, body shape.

4. In the 1830s Charles Darwin made a round the world trip in a ship called The Beagle to learn about variation. Make a poster or leaflet about his voyage. Information you could include: - What was his ship like? - How long did he travel for? - Where did he stop on his journey? - What did he discover and find out?

5. Make a poster or write a story/essay about how the world would be different if dinosaurs had not gone extinct. Ideas: Think about whether humans would have evolved or not, and how dinosaurs would have evolved over time too. 

6. Make a poster or leaflet about Mary Anning Information you could include: - When and where was she born? - Where did she work? - What was her job? - What were her important discoveries?


All homework is issued on a Tuesday and due in the following Monday.